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27-year-old Singaporean Tiffany Tan runs her own brand where she frequently works with some very reputable clients such as Guinness, SK-II, and Urban Decay.

Image Credit: Tiffany Lovage

Born and bred in Singapore, this artist is part of a rising demographic of millennials who are proving that dreams are worth pursuing, and that not every artist is a starving one.

Tiffany Lovage

She’d been drawing for years before moving onto illustration, Tiffany shared.

Illustrating during a hike in Nepal / Image Credit: Lovage Instagram

Her competence as an artist started showing through her henna works, an art form she first forayed into after a trip to Little India.

She began posting photos of henna on herself and friends on her Instagram, and from there, her popularity swelled, and she began charging $20-$25 for client.

Lovage Henna / Image Credit: Lovage Instagram

“It is only through Instagram that people started knowing about my work because that is the only place I post my pictures. The rest was through word of mouth.”

However, Tiffany Lovage is not limited to Henna – that is simply “an extension of Lovage’s illustration as an alternative canvas”.

Dia de los muertes at Kult Cafe / Image Credit: Lovage Instagram

After all, the world is her oyster, and Tiffany is proving that to be true through her various stunning works on makeup palettes and Star Wars stormtrooper helmets.

Most of the work that she handles is done solo, with Tiffany only seeking help from other artists is required.

Being an artist in Singapore is a tough decision, let alone running a business surrounding it.

Image Credit: Tiffany Tan

If order to make it work, Tiffany had to give up her full-time job as manager of art gallery Kato Art Duo and her part-time teaching jobs.

However, throughout everything, her family has been nothing but supportive as she leads an “honest life”.

Nevertheless, having dived nose-first into the brand does bring its own uncertainties.

“I never know when the next pay check is coming in and my work hours are irregular from balancing life and multiple jobs at the same time.”

However, I have many friends in the illustration industry, or rather, community, who are very supportive of each other’s growth.

“I did get a lot of advice and support from these more seasoned individuals while launching my own brand.”

Illustrating for Dr. Martens / Image Credit: Tiffany Tan

As with her original henna popularity, much of Tiffany Lovage’s growth was organic.

“My collaborations with brands like Guinness and The Disgruntled Chef stemmed from either social media or word of mouth,” shares Tiffany.

“I have been involved in a number of brand launches and events and it has been an honour to have my works used as a part of visual communication for the brands.”

Aesop at Westgate / Image Credit: Lovage Instagram

Blooming Into The Future

“What’s most exciting for me with Tiffany Lovage are all the collaborations that I have done, and will be doing,” Tiffany gushes.

It’s exhilarating to have my illustrations used as collaborations across brands and I hope to see it span further.

“There isn’t one single thing that made me fall in love with art,” she reflects.

“Rather, it is the idea that visual art is an alternative form of communication that can be interpreted and expressed in a plethora of ways [that amazes me].”

Life is short. Don’t waste time doing things you don’t enjoy.”

Featured Image Credit: Tiffany Tan

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