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  • By Eggs is a Malaysian skincare and beauty brand that offers products created using edible food products such as coffee, peppermint, and bananas.
  • The company was founded in 2017 by childhood friends Quinnie Chong and Michelle Tan.

There’s been an increasing number of local skincare brands popping up within urban Klang Valley late, most of it thanks the interest raised on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Look around and you’ll see a flurry of new names, each one offering up a unique benefit of some sort.

Hoping to stand out in the same market is By Eggs—a brand founded by childhood friends Quinnie Chong and Michelle Tan that relies heavily on edible food as core ingredients.

“We’ve been friends since we were both nine, and we wanted to earn some extra pocket money during our college days,” Michelle said. “We turned to personal care products as Quinnie’s family was in the business of private label skincare manufacturing.”

“After completing our Economics degrees in London, we both returned to Kuala Lumpur and started our careers in banking.”

In 2016, Quinnie made the decision to join her family’s business full-time and gain deeper insights into skincare manufacturing. This she did until Michelle came on-board in 2017, eventually leading to the launch of By Eggs in November the same year.

A Feast For The Skin

Currently, By Eggs sells a variety of food-based skincare products ranging from masks, to cleansers, to toners, and moisturisers—all available either online through their webstore or platforms such as Zalora, or offline at boutiques around the Klang Valley region.

Image Credit: By Eggs

In order to make themselves more relevant to their target market, their products are formulated to suit local skin types, local lifestyles, and the local weather mostly using premium natural ingredients.

“We stay true to our philosophy of ‘food for your skin’,” they said. “We believe in using high-quality ingredients to nourish skin, similar to nutrients from food to nourish our bodies.”

“We go back to basics with our food-inspired ingredients. These things like include peppermint, coffee, banana, and vitamins, and are familiar to us and hence easier to relate to as consumers.”

They’ve found that their target audience—skincare and beauty consumers—are becoming more product-savvy. This leads to more demanding consumers who feel a need to know a brand and its products before making purchases.

Due to this, Quinnie and Michelle feel that the only way forward for them is to be as educational and transparent as possible with their customers and always be on hand to help them find the products that best suit their needs.

“Being an online-focused brand also helps us interact on a personal level with each individual customer, and that gives us a comparative advantage.”

By doing all of these, the duo think they’ll be able to set themselves apart and stand out to those looking for something more exciting in skincare.

“We target consumers who appreciate creativity and want to shake up their skincare routine with fun but effective products,” they noted. “Our products are formulated to suit both male and female consumers across a large age range, and we welcome everyone to try By Eggs!”

Tasty Prospects

When quizzed about the reception to their products, they both revealed that they’ve been pretty happy with the response so far, with their revenue now hitting five digits a month across 200 fulfilled orders within the same timespan.

This has led them to constantly innovate and come up with new products, with their motto being to “never compromise creativity for convenience”.

And now, they have an ever proactive attitude to their own lifestyles and approach to product design, which have led them to the creation of some offerings that have turned out to become label-defining best-sellers.

“A high for us would be the launch of Meal Time boxes last August,” they said. “These are sets of skincare products housed in custom-made takeaway or picnic boxes.”

“We received overwhelming response from customers for its ‘Meal Time For Your Skin’ concept which really gave us an identity as a brand,” they added. “And this concept helped reinforce the food-inspired philosophy we go by.”

In the long run, Michelle and Quinnie both aspire to turn By Eggs into a full-fledged beauty supermarket that people can literally visit and shop at.

“We don’t mean it in the context of a multi-brand marketplace—we literally mean a supermarket or grocery store,” they said. “Both online and offline, we envision the By Eggs customer journeying through rows and rows of yummy and delectable products that resemble those at your everyday grocer.”

So in line with this, they’re currently developing more products to add to their collection and hope to expand their distribution points beyond Malaysia and Singapore.

“Currently, we already have our cleanser-toner-moisturiser combo resembling milk, juice, and jam, and our clay-masks are all gelato-inspired,” they said. “So considering all this, we’re well on our way!”

Feature Image Credit: By Eggs

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