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Who doesn’t love a good phone case? Some of us use it to protect our phones, so we choose ones that are bulky and solid, or come with a flap.

Meanwhile, others may think of it as a fashion accessory and have multiple cases they can swap around depending on their outfit of the day (or OOTD, as the millennials say).

If you fall into the latter category, there’s a new website in town that caters to you. At the time of writing, myFonKase has 330 phone cases up for purchase, and it states that it caters to 100 phone models.

Covering All Bases

As I’m not one to change my phone case much (I’ve kept the same one for the past 4 years, which is how long I’ve had my iPhone 6s for), I don’t do a lot of phone case shopping.

However, every time I’ve accompanied a friend or family member on their phone case shopping, what I’ve noticed is their struggle to find a case for their phone model.

Whether it’s a shop or a pop-up stall, they always seem to have limited options when it comes to what models they carry phone cases for, as well as the sorts of designs.

Those with older phones often have no choice at all, as these physical stores tend to only carry cases for newer models. On the other hand, myFonKase has cases for the iPhone 5, which was released in 2012!

Besides iPhones, myFonKase also has cases for various Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi phones, and the Oneplus 6T.

A Pretty Selection

The 330 designs that myFonKase offers are all conceptualised and designed by its own team of in-house designers.

On the website, you’ll find designs categorised under Truly Malaysia, Malaysian Food, Cute, Cool, Nice, and Premium.

Image Credit: myFonKase

Under Truly Malaysia, you’ll see designs that reference common Manglish (Malaysian English) sayings, Malaysian humour, and pop culture.

For Malaysian Food, you get phone case designs that feature some of our favourite local grub. There are ones with popular food like roti canai and nasi lemak, and those that feature lesser-celebrated food like rojak and apam balik.

Image Credit: myFonKase

The Cute category carries more cartoon-like designs while the Cool category features mostly monochrome designs.

Phone cases under the Nice category are less cartoon-like, with galaxy, fruits, and nature designs.

Besides the Premium cases that go from RM135 to RM300, the cases in the other categories are in the price range of RM39 to RM86.

More Than Pretty, They’re Protective Too

myFonKase states that its cases “maximise protection while without affecting the form or function”.

Its cases have a hard, plastic back and flexible rubber sides that line the contours of your phone. The cases even have raised lips at every corner of the screen for added screen protection.

Image Credit: myFonKase

You know how when you drop your phone, it commonly hits the ground at an angle, which can lead to scuffed or scratched edges even with a case? This is what those raised lips are meant to combat.

The back of the case where the design is shown also has a matte finishing that’s apparently scratch and fingerprint-resistant, according to myFonKase.

For those with fancy new phones that charge wirelessly, you don’t have to slip the case off just to charge as these cases are compatible with wireless charging.

Keeping It Local

Currently, myFonKase only ships within Malaysia, both to Peninsular and East Malaysia.

myFonKase states that if an order is placed before 10 AM on a business day, you should receive your items in the next 4 to 21 business days.

Spending above RM100 on the site gives you free shipping, while purchases below RM100 will be charged with an RM15 shipping fee.

Payments can be made with a debit or credit card, and myFonKase accepts returns and exchanges as long as they comply with its terms and conditions.


myFonKase definitely isn’t the first to design its own phone cases in Malaysia.

We’ve had Just In Case, though their Facebook page has been inactive for most of 2019, and we have some independent phone case designers too like Michelle Ng of Passion.Precious.

I do find it remarkable how many designs you can choose from on myFonKase, however, especially since it’s only recently launched.

It’s also begun gaining traction on its Facebook, with Malaysians showing interest in its cases through comments and post interactions.

While most other brands design cases that are conventionally attractive (think corgis, glitter, and patterns), myFonKase does it a little differently with its designs that are heavily inspired by our local culture.

It’s nice to see phone cases with less common designs in the market, and ones that celebrate Malaysia, no less.

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Featured Image Credit: myFonKase

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