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When you’re a dog owner, one question you’ve probably asked yourself at some point in time would have been “What should I feed my dog?”

And typically, the two options would be either homemade dog food or commercial kibble brands.

Kibble tends to be more affordable overall, but for the longest time, it’s generally been seen as being unhealthier for dogs.

Even worse, if a dog has allergies, health conditions or is old, kibble is most likely out of the question.

If you’re looking to start your dog on a diet of homemade food or are looking for more choices of suppliers, here are 6 who offer online orders and delivery.

1. Barf King Malaysia

Image Credit: Barf King Malaysia

On Barf King Malaysia, you can find lamb, beef, fish and chicken meals that come in 400g or 1kg sizes. Their recipes consist of 85% well mixed protein source, organs and bones, and 15% vegetables and fruits.

You can also find a lengthy list of each ingredient used and its benefits when you click on the details of the product.

Their prices for each recipe (1kg) are:

  • RM29.90 for Baalicious Lamb
  • RM28.90 for Moolicious Beef
  • RM26.90 for Bubalicious Fish
  • RM25.90 for Kookalicious Chicken

Barf King Malaysia requires a minimum order of RM128 to deliver, but it doesn’t mean free delivery. If you’re living within the Klang Valley, delivery will cost RM10, and it’ll be delivered by their in-house team. This will normally take about 2 days.

If you live in other states, you’ll be charged RM15, and it’ll be delivered via couriers like J&T and TA-Q-BIN. These deliveries are made on Mondays and Wednesdays, and should arrive at your doorstep 1 day after they ship it out.

2. Coco & Joe BARF

Image Credit: Coco & Joe BARF

Coco & Joe BARF is run by a certified raw dog food nutritionist with over 16 years of experience in raw feeding.

While its website doesn’t allow online orders and deliveries, you can still order its products online and have them delivered to you through Tadaa, an online pet supplies store.

There, you can order Coco & Joe BARF’s duck, turkey, and rabbit, duck & mackerel dog food recipes in 300g or 1kg sizes.

The pricing for each one per kg is:

  • RM33 for BARF Duck
  • RM39.80 for BARF Turkey
  • RM44.90 for BARF Rabbit, Duck & Mackerel

You have to place a minimum order of RM50 to be eligible for delivery, and will be charged up to RM20 in fees, depending on the distance. However, if you spend RM200 in a single order, you get free delivery.

Because the product is raw food and has to be delivered frozen, delivery is restricted to Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, Shah Alam, Puchong, Kuala Lumpur, and other areas within the Klang Valley.

3. Doggy Bag Malaysia

Image Credit: Doggy Bag

Doggy Bag Malaysia offers 2 ranges of food, Standard and Gourmet. Its Standard range combines chicken, beef and lamb with a base of brown rice cooked in meaty broth, plus an array of vegetables. According to Doggy Bag Malaysia, this menu is most suitable for dogs who don’t suffer from allergies.

There are 4 items on the Standard menu that come in in 200g, 500g and 1kg sizes:

  • Beef and Carrots
  • Meat and Two Veg
  • Sunday Roast
  • Chicken and Pumpkin

Per kg, they’re all priced at RM23.50.

Products under the Gourmet range are packed with a single source of protein, limited ingredients, and less to no carbs. It is recommended for dogs who have allergies or are picky eaters.

On the Gourmet menu, you’ll find 3 items that also come in 200g, 500g and 1kg sizes:

  • Beef Bolognese
  • Roast Lamb Dinner
  • Chicken Jicama

All of them are priced at RM33.50 per kg.

Every single one of their items also details the sort of ingredients that are in the recipe for your peace of mind.

There is a minimum order weight of 3kg, and Doggy Bag Malaysia mainly delivers within the Klang Valley. The food prices do not include delivery charges, as those are calculated based on your location.

4. Naturaw

Image Credit: Naturaw

On Naturaw, you have 2 BARF diet recipes for dogs that are prepared fresh in small batches on a weekly basis. One is Chicken Base Formula and the other is Chunky Beef Formula.

Besides the varying ingredients of fresh market chicken and imported beef for each recipe, both of them contain selected vegetables, kelp and salmon oils.

They’re sold in 500g sealed packs, so 1kg of Chicken Base Formula will cost RM20 while 1kg of Chunky Beef Formula will cost RM32.

Orders are dispatched 1 day after payment is received, and should take about 2 to 3 working days to arrive. They deliver the frozen products within the Klang Valley, and shipping is free if you order 20 500g packs.

5. Petchef

Image Credit: Petchef

Petchef is a little different from the other suppliers on this list, in the sense that they don’t have ready-to-order products.

Instead, they craft a customised meal plan subscription for your pets. Once you introduce your pet to the website via its chat ‘dog’ Monty, their pet nutrition advisors will review the information and reach out to you with a meal plan via WhatsApp.

They have 2 types of recipes: Standard, which has chicken, buffalo, and fish recipes, and Premium, which has beef, lamb, and salmon recipes.

The pricing is calculated based on your pet’s size, which corresponds to the meal size. For example, if your dog weighs about 5 to 10kg, you can expect to pay RM180 to RM439 a month.

They deliver 30 days’ worth of food twice every month (until you cancel your subscription, which can be done anytime), and the final fee will depend on the choice of recipes and area of delivery (but most areas in Klang Valley get free delivery).

For now, they only deliver within Selangor and Penang.

6. PledgeCare

Image Credit: PledgeCare

PledgeCare has 2 air-dried meal options made of 100% human-grade ingredients for its furry customers: Duck Recipe and Chicken Recipe.

Both recipes come with carrot, pumpkin and papaya, and consist of 80% fresh meat, organ and bone, and 20% vegetables, fruits and superfoods.

They come in sizes of 750g, 1.5kg, and 3kg. The larger the size, the cheaper it is per gram, of course, but the average price of 1kg for Duck Recipe should be around RM94, and 1kg for Chicken Recipe should be around RM84.

PledgeCare ships to both West and East Malaysia. Orders above RM50 in West Malaysia will get free shipping, otherwise there will be a charge of RM6. The delivery should take about 2 to 4 working days.

On the other hand, all orders from East Malaysia will get delivery fees of RM10 per kg of the order’s weight. Even if an order is below 1kg, there will still be a RM10 fee.

In specific parts of Petaling Jaya, PledgeCare offers same-day deliveries.


Of course, the best way to give your dog the nutrition it really needs is to make its food from scratch after consulting a reputable canine nutritionist.

This way, you can personalise the food according to your dog’s needs, know exactly what goes into its food, and avoid underfeeding or overfeeding it.

However, most people tend to be too busy for this, so having the option of several suppliers to buy ready-to-eat homemade dog food from is definitely convenient.

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Featured Image Credit: PledgeCare / Barf King Malaysia

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