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Amidst social distancing, financial uncertainty and economic downturn, many charities, fundraising efforts and NGOs have been hit hard this year.

With the announcement of the Movement Control Order (MCO), it becomes all the more difficult for Malaysians to volunteer their time and effort helping those who could really use it.

But, of course, that doesn’t make it impossible to still extend a helping hand.

We scoured the Internet for charities that are in dire need of help and found around 21 organisations and drives that you could consider contributing to.

To learn more about them, you can click on their names in the headings.

For Daily Necessities (Food, Monetary Help For Bills, etc.)

1. #KitaBantuKita: Bantu Jiran Kita

The goal: This campaign takes into account struggling families whose head of household has suffered pay cuts, loss of a job, had their children laid off, or other implications that have been brought on by the outbreak.

In hopes of reaching out to at least 500 families in need, this effort aims to raise about RM100,000 to cover the expenses of such households for the period of the MCO. 

This campaign also lists around 4 NGOs that they are currently partnering with in order to achieve this goal.

The organisers: Priyaa Simmi is the main driving force of this fundraising effort.

Together with Kitafund (a crowdfunding platform), this Mrs. Malaysia World 2019/2020 winner has practically dedicated all her social media platforms to see this through.

2. Caremongering Malaysia (Community Response To Covid-19)

The goal: Caremongering is a Facebook group established with an emphasis on helping the elderly in any possible way.

This group is a plea to younger, more able people to extend their efforts to check on elderly neighbours, get supplies, shop for groceries, deliver food, etc. for those who are unable to perform such duties at the moment.

You can fill up the form to volunteer your services here.

Once group moderators have looked through your submission, you will be added to a map that allows those in need to reach out to you with their specific requests, or vice versa.

The organisers: This group is moderated by two admins by the name of Lex Tan and Joe Mathers.

Although there are specific rules to posting, it is always advisable to triple check the legitimacy of those who ask for help (especially for money donations) and consult the group’s admins if needed.

3. Love Your Neighbor Penang

The goal: Besides monetary help, this charity allows you to volunteer your service by picking up or delivering groceries, finishing administrative duties such as calling people and replying messages, and in any other way you’re comfortable helping.

Their services are meant to help the needy in Penang (odd job workers, the elderly, orang kurang upaya (OKU) community, minimum wage workers, etc.) that require assistance during this time.

The organisers: On their FB page, this charity is run by ordinary Penangnites who work to connect the needy with someone who’s specifically able to assist with what they need.

You can fill out the Google form here and be connected with them right away.

4. NGO Hub Emergency Fund

The goal: To aid struggling NGOs and charity partners who are suffering from the lack of resources during the MCO.

The end goal is to collect around RM100,000 total to aid a list of 16 beneficiaries that serve the homeless, elderly, orphans disabled persons and refugees.

The organisers: NGOhub is dedicated to providing Malaysians with a platform to find and fund verified and transparent non-governmental organisations around the country.

5. Pit Stop Community Cafe

RELA members group together to distribute food to the homeless (left), Pit Stop’s operations on a normal day (right) / Image Credit: Pit Stop

The goal: To ensure there is still a distribution of food items, precautionary supplies (face masks, sanitisers, handwashing liquids, etc.) for staff and monthly funds to support the café during a time where dine-ins are not allowed.

As such, an increased cost is incurred on containers and packages, more bottled water instead of tap, etc.

The organisers: Pit Stop Community Café is located in the heart of KL.

On any given day, they run a café that enforces a ‘pay it forward’ system relying on the kindness of patrons and their own contributions to feeding the homeless and hungry. 

6. Rakyat Tolong Rakyat

The goal: To support about 1,090 students of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) that are unable to make their way home due to the movement restriction in terms of daily essentials, food and drink, personal hygiene items and more.

The organisers: This effort is carried out by UPM’s own Student Affairs chancellor Prof. Dr. Mohd. Roslan Sulaiman, and joined by the team of PUAK Payong and Federasi Kebangaan Pekerja Belia (FKPB).

7. Rumah Kita

The goal: To amass essential food items to feed pregnant, single mothers throughout the period of the MCO.

On their Facebook page, they list out all ingredients that they need, but also accept monetary donations through this bank account to pay the mothers’ medical bills, overall utility bills of the shelter, and other fees.

The organisers: Rumah Kita is a temporary transit home aimed at housing single pregnant mothers, providing them with shelter, nutrition and sufficient medical care from the third trimester until post-confinement.

8. Refuge For The Refugees

The goal: To support the livelihood of refugees in Malaysia who have also been similarly affected by the MCO (those who have lost jobs, lost an income to bring home food, etc.) by raising at least RM30,000 to support 500 refugee families.

According to their Facebook page, a donation of RM60 would be able to support one family/week.

The organisers: Refuge For The Refugees is an NGO of their own, but they’ve paired up with the team of Tenaganita, Dapur Jalanan Kuala Lumpur as well as Liga Rakyat Demokratik in order to raise the stipulated amount.

9. SESO Malaysia

Volunteers before the MCO (left) and delivery riders distributing food to the homeless / Image Credit: SESO Malaysia

The goal: Now more than ever, volunteer and distribution efforts to the homeless and needy are suffering.

The goal here is to gain support in terms of as many sponsors and partners as possible in order for SESO Malaysia to continue having a supply of food in a time where the homeless are left hungry from the temporary closure of some F&B businesses, movement restrictions and social distancing.

The organisers: SESO Malaysia is a non-profit enterprise meant to combat food poverty amidst those isolated by society through the act of serving communal meals to the homeless and needy.

On their FB page, they also post updates on beneficiaries that have been hit by the outbreak, noting the types of food items and/or support needed.

10. The Lost Food Project

The goal: To drop off essential food items for other charities, foundations and beneficiaries.

During the MCO, The Lost Food Project (TLFP) will experience limitations to collection from their wholesalers, so they rely on the Malaysian public to help with collecting food such as fresh produce, rice, noodles, cooking essentials (oil, flour, etc.), and more.

At the moment, their goal is to collect essential food items (through a drop off at their KL warehouse) and to reach their goal of RM100,000 in monetary donations.

The organisers: The Lost Food Project is a non-profit organisation that focuses on providing the needy with quality surplus food.

11. Free Meals for Frontliners

Free Meals for Frontliners prepares fresh, plant based meals for medical staff / Image Credit: Savor of Life

The goal: Aiming to raise at least RM28k, this is an initiative to deliver fresh and healthy food to medical professionals that are on duty around Hospital Sungai Buloh and Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

Each day, based on donations, 50 lunch and 50 dinner meal sets will be delivered to these two locations to doctors, nurses and medical professionals.

The organisers: Savor of Life is a platform dedicated to accessible nutrition for its users, providing advice and lifestyle tracking to individuals and corporate organisations. They’re currently producing these meals at cost price and make zero profit.

For Medical Supplies & Equipment

12. 3D Printing Malaysia Community for COVID 19

A 3D printed mask supplier with a doctor (left) and some finished 3D printed masks (right) / Image Credit: Husni Faiz and Edwin Jesu Dass

The goal: All donations and resources go to 3D printing face shields to be distributed to hospitals in need.

At the moment of writing, this group only allows donations of raw materials like A4 plastic sheets, PLA filaments, rubber bands, plastic bags, and so on. They will help with the logistics of it.

They’re also encouraging other 3D printing enthusiasts to donate their own time or raw materials.

You can track their progress through this Google Sheets link.

The organisers: The admin of the group is Nurfaiz Foat.

13. Covid19 Appeal: Hospitals In Sabah Need Your Help

Hospital frontliners such as doctors and nurses are highly exposed to infected patients on a daily basis. As such, they are constantly vulnerable and need protective gears.

The goal: To raise RM500,000 in funds to gain access to items such as isolation gowns, N95 masks, shoe and head covers.

Since these protective gears are disposable (up to 300-600 pieces used/day), they’re required in bulk.

With the raised funds, the organisers hope to procure these supplies in order to start distribution to several hospitals around Sabah, starting with Tawau Hospital.

The organisers: Angie Chin, founder of HanafundMe.com, who is working closely with OPSHarapan.

14. COVID-19 Support Fund by 100% Project

The goal: To purchase protective suits, surgical masks, and face masks to be distributed across hospitals.

Alternatively, you can email aishah@edspace.my if you happen to know of an NGO that is spearheading similar efforts, so they can reach out to help.

The organisers: 100% Project is rooted in their ability to crowdfund education-centric projects across the country, with emphasis on raising funds for schools, classrooms and learning centres that are in dire need of financial help.

15. FV Covid19 Support Fund

Vivy and husband Fadza on her Instagram urging people to donate (left), and some portable airconditioners she contributed on behalf of Fashion Valet (right) / Image Credit: Vivy Yusof

The goal: To raise RM1 million in funds to mobilise volunteers for health facilities, assist hospitalised and quarantined frontliners, and provide essential general supplies to hospitals.

The organisers: This drive is organised by Fashion Valet’s own Vivy Yusof and her husband Fadza Anuar together with the IMAM Response & Relief Team (IMARET).

16. KKM established fund

The goal: To buy medical equipment tools, medication and other medical material as required by the Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) and its facilities.

The organisers: This official post was published on KKM’s official Telegram and Facebook account.

However, a very similar scam has been circulating with this post—so do be extra cautious in double-checking which one you’re contributing funds to.

17. Malaysia COVID-19 Charity Drive

The goal: Allocate funds to provide frontliners with face masks, COVID-19 test kits and more ventilators to be used by patients in serious conditions.

At the moment of writing, their goal is to raise about S$164,944 (RM501,348).

The organisers: The Ericsen Foundation is a non-profit organisation that has previously collaborated with the Make-A-Wish foundation, and have also funded multiple initiatives that have helped patients with monetary support through easing living expenses and medical fees. 

18. Projek WAQAF Mercy Malaysia

The goal: To amass funds sufficient enough to buy 20 respiratory aid machines and monitors in selected government hospitals to use throughout their Intensive Care Units (ICU).

The organisers: Mercy Malaysia is a non-profit organisation devoted to humanitarian aid during crisis and non-crisis situations.

Other Services & Miscellaneous Products

19. Projek Wawasan Rakyat x Kiddo Care

The goal: To raise funds for babysitting services that have been subsidised up to 75% for doctors, nurses and other medical frontliners while they are on duty.

The organisers: This is a product of the collaboration between Projek Wawasan Rakyat (POWR) and Kiddo Care.

According to their FB page, this initiative is recognised by the Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM). 

Prices can be found on the official Kiddo Care page here, and hours of care start from 6-24 hours (RM26-74).

20. Relate for MOH Frontliners

The goal: Whilst there are charities looking to provide these frontliners with medical gear, some are looking to take care of their mental health.

The organisers are looking to subsidise 50% of their usual rates so that MOH frontliners only pay RM75 (original price is RM150) for a 50-minute session from March 23 to March 31.

Their current goal is RM7,500 in donations to make more of these sessions possible.

The organisers: Relate Mental Health Malaysia is a startup that works towards raising public awareness of mental health in the country, conducting appropriate research and developing interventions such as policy recommendations and improvement of treatment.

21. Tabung Penutup Mulut & Hidung, Pembersih Tangan & Keperluan Lain Untuk Wartawan Lapangan

The goal: This fund is aimed at supplying journalists in the field with facial masks, sanitisers and other necessities for free following the outbreak.

The organisers: Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM), National Union of Journalists (NUJ) and Projek Wawasan Rakyat (PoWR) are the organisations that are spearheading this effort.

You can check out this Malaysiakini article for further instructions to donate.


If you’re able to do so, supporting these charities with money or supplies is a much more substantial way of showing appreciation for what our fellow Malaysians out on the frontlines are doing.

Furthermore, you can still donate to these charities from the safety of your home.

  • You can read more about other social enterprises and charity pieces we’ve written about here.

Featured Image Credit: Pit Stop Community Cafe / The Lost Food Project / SESO Malaysia

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