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The Covid-19 pandemic was a spark that ignited the closure of some businesses and put a halt on other businesses. However, it also brought about new talents and creativity among fresh graduates, corporate workers and stay-at-home mothers to build their own startup.

With that being said, VP Label was launched as an e-commerce site that celebrates and advocates local brands in Singapore.

Launched in April 2021, VP Label is an e-commerce marketplace that features Singaporean brands, and the platform currently has over 60 brands onboard.

It also acts as a platform that allows brand partners to showcase their products and in return, VP Label helps local consumers discover up-and-coming products developed by the companies featured on Vulcan Post.

Some of the notable companies that VP Label has partnered with include Omnidesk, Boxgreen and Faire Leather Co. VP Label has also partnered with some up-and-coming brands such as Clumzy Plumzy, The Kiap Family and Cocoons.

The goal is simple — it wants to create a win-win situation for the brands and companies that are featured on Vulcan Post.

Furthermore, it aims to inspire more entrepreneurs through the daily articles published on Vulcan Post. Ultimately, VP Label hopes to support local brands within the community by increasing their reach and visibility in a competitive market.

How VP Label helps to advocate its brand partners

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VP Label functions by using a dropship business model. In this manner, vendors list products on the marketplace, and VP Label will then generate traffic in order to generate sales on the platform.

Through this model, risks will be minimised as in there will be no consignment towards vendors, and commission fees are charged on a per sale basis.

Additionally, VP Label allows for readers to have an overview of companies’ motivations, processes, successes, failures faced, lessons learnt and most importantly, the why behind the what.

Through this, consumers would feel more connected and convinced with what the brand has to offer.

Hence, products will be displayed at the end of each brand’s feature articles, allowing for readers to make an immediate purchase should they find the brand promising.

To date, VP Label has generated S$27,000 in sales, mainly through organic traffic. Some best-selling brands include Bovem, QuincyLash and The Kiap Family.

VP Label’s marketing efforts help support brand partners

As part of its marketing efforts, VP Label organises campaigns and events to better support brand partners. VP Label has hosted several past events, including the National Day giveaway with Omnidesk.

VP Label also capitalises on popular events to promote its brands. For example, the Mid-Autumn Festival saw five different local mooncake brands — OnlyKai, Aroma Truffle, Durian Law, Fyre and Golden Moments — listed on the platform.

Moving forward, VP Label plans to tap on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok to hold fortnightly giveaways.

Its first giveaway was launched a few days ago, which saw the brand partnering The Kettle Gourmet to give away away eight packs of their new gourmet flavours: Fish Head Curry and Pulut Hitam.

How is VP Label useful to our readers

From Vulcan Post’s feature articles, readers are able to learn and gauge more about a brand’s story, learning the why behind the what, and its business model, compared to simply browsing product information.

Additionally, customers are able to explore various products on a single platform and gain access to exclusive deals and prices directly from VP Label brand partners.

All in all, VP Label acts as a bridge between consumers and brand partners by onboarding products from brand partners and by telling their story.

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Featured Image Credit: Bovem, Nom Nom Plush, YeoMama Batik, EATMYLJ

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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