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When I began my wireless earbuds journey in early 2020, one of the very first pairs I tried was Sudio Fem. Though my colleague enjoyed the pair in her review here, I was less than impressed as they didn’t fit my personal standards.

At the same time, I felt that the brand’s quality was falling slightly behind others. Since then, I’ve tried more Sudio earbuds, both wireless and wired.

One thing that soon became obvious to me was that Sudio was constantly outdoing itself in terms of the sound quality offered. With the release of the new Sudio T2 that the team kindly sent over for review, I was once again impressed.

Pretty in pastels

At first glance, Sudio T2 really reminded me of the Jabra Elite 75t and Elite 85t, at least shape-wise. Overall, I much prefer this wing-like design to the previous tail ones the Sudio Ett had. Those I felt weighed down my ear canals, leading to discomfort in a shorter duration.

In contrast, the rounder, seemingly more ergonomic Sudio T2 was comfortable for me to wear for hours on end. Its casing is also rounder, almost like a flatter, horizontal egg, compact enough to slip into your pocket or small bag.

The Sudio T2 comes in 4 colours: white, black, jade, and sand, the latter two being nice pastel shades for those who want something different without standing out.

4 different sizes of eartips are also available from XS to L, though I found the default earbuds comfortable enough with a secure fit.

Overall, comfort and fit-wise, Sudio has hit the nail on the head this time, and I genuinely think we should never go back to the stem/tail design, please.

Sure, that may provide users with a more secure hold when not in the ears, but as long as wireless earbuds makers continue creating products with a matte finish (like on the T2), I don’t see the lack of a stem/tail being an issue. (Plus, it’s ugly, in my opinion.)

Much improved audio experience

After first pairing the T2 with your device (I’m not sure if the illustration-only user guide made it easier or harder for me), the Sudio earbuds are quick to reconnect from then on.

You’ll know that they’ve been connected too, as a voice will tell you so the moment you take the earbuds out. I like that this means I don’t have to double-check whether they’ve actually been connected or not.

The T2, unfortunately, doesn’t support multi-device connectivity, but I have to admit I have yet to find a use for this function in my daily life with earbuds that do.

What comes in a box

Now, here’s the exciting part—how do they sound?

To say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. I last reviewed the Sudio Ett, which I thought was already a great upgrade in this department compared to older models.

In my other colleague’s review of the wireless Sudio Elva that came with a neckband, she found them to be equally balanced with the Ett when it came to the treble and bass, so I can only assume that the T2 is better.

I found treble and vocals to be once again Sudio’s strong points, but the T2 has made leaps in the bass department. It carried more depth yet wasn’t too strong, leading to an overall buttery audio-sensory experience.

When it came to tracks with more instruments, however, I did find that the sound would muddy a bit. Regardless, it wasn’t to the point where it irked me.

It says a lot when just one year ago, I couldn’t enjoy the Sudio Fem, and now I can happily bop to a variety of music on the T2.

Bring back physical buttons, please

I’ve had nothing but largely good things to say about the T2 thus far, and if there’s something that I would nitpick, it would be the lack of button controls.

Thankfully, the T2 does have clear beeps to let you know when you’ve touched the controls, but I still much prefer pressable buttons like on older Sudio designs.

These are the overall controls for the earbuds:

  • Hold either button for 5 seconds: On/Off
  • Tap either earbud 1x: Play/Pause
  • Tap left/right earbud 2x: Skip back/Skip forward
  • Tap left/right earbud 3x: Volume down/Volume up
  • Press either earbud for 2 seconds: Switch between regular mode, active noise cancellation (ANC), or hear-through

The latter control was the hardest for me to play around with, as the manual given is illustration-only, thus I was unsure what each beep actually meant.

I had to really listen and keep switching to try and discern which mode I was in at any one time, which to me isn’t very user-friendly. For each mode, a different noise would play, but again, the illustration-only manual gave me no indication of what each one actually meant.

At the same time, I think a part of the problem is that Sudio T2’s ANC isn’t very noise-cancelling at all when compared to the ANC of other earbuds I’ve tried.

I could still hear myself typing faintly on my keyboard when it was activated, so for those who prefer having some hear-through even with ANC on, the T2 could be your pick.


In all, the Sudio T2 is a great pair of earphones and the brand is constantly and visibly improving each new product it releases.

If it came with physical buttons (personal preference), had better ANC and instructions for switching between the modes, I’d recommend it as a budget-friendly pair of quality wireless earbuds without hesitation.

Its price in Malaysia is RM549, which is within the competitive range of other budget-friendlier wireless earbuds like the recent Samsung Galaxy Buds2 (RM499).

The T2’s battery life is great too, with 7 hours of non-stop usage before needing a charge in the case. In total, you can expect over 30 hours of battery from case charging.

You charge the case from the back

I personally had no issues with its battery and found that with my inconsistent music listening, the case-charged earbuds could last me weeks even.

Much-improved audio qualityANC isn’t very distinct
Great fit and comfortTouch controls are harder to navigate than physical buttons
Good battery life
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