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Author’s Blurb: I used to be anti-wireless earbuds for the longest time and only just found joy in using them a few months ago. Every bias I had was challenged, so going into this review of another pair of wireless earbuds, I was a lot more open minded.

The last pair of wireless earbuds I had reviewed was Jabra Elite 75t, and it took me a month to figure out how I really liked them.

Since then, I haven’t stopped using them. But all this time, I wasn’t sure if I just liked that pair, or if I would now be able to enjoy all kinds of wireless earbuds.

Around the time I was writing that review, a colleague of mine was also reviewing Sudio Fem, Sudio’s then-latest wireless earbuds, and while she liked them, I didn’t.

I felt that its audio quality came off too “tinny”, thin and metallic, and the bass quality just straight up, well, sucked.

At least it was pretty. Now, Sudio has come up with a completely new design, Sudio Ett. In terms of beauty, I don’t think it beats Sudio Fem, but what I really cared about was the audio quality.

You’ll see me using Jabra Elite 75t as a point of comparison in this piece, but only because it’s what I’m most familiar with for wireless earbuds.

Better Than Its Predecessor

This time round, I believe the bass sounds better than Sudio Fem’s. Far from the best I’ve heard from wireless earbuds, but I didn’t immediately make a face at it and shut them back in the charging case.

Sudio Ett comes in 4 colours: White, Green, Pink, and Black

Based on my previous experience (albeit a brief one) with Sudio Fem, Sudio seems to lean towards being more treble focused than bass focused.

Nothing wrong with that, and many wouldn’t find it a problem at all. It’s hard to notice unless you’re constantly switching between different brands of wireless earbuds at a go to purposely listen for differences.

Pop music will shine well through Sudio Ett with its clear and more balanced audio quality, but as mentioned, any bass would still be missing some depth.

If you feel like too much sound is “leaking” out, make sure the active noise cancelling (ANC) feature is turned on and that the silicone tips aren’t too small for your ears.

Call quality was clear, and I never got any complaints from people on the other end of the line saying that they couldn’t hear me.

Let’s Talk Control

One thing that I really liked about Sudio Ett was that it had buttons.

The previous design, Sudio Fem, had no buttons at all which made it look sleek and seamless, but when it comes to controls, I much prefer having actual buttons.

So aside from improved audio quality, this was another feature I liked from Sudio Ett. The buttons on either side have the same exact functions, some of which are:

  • One click: Pause and play music / answer or end a call
  • Two clicks: Jump to the next song
  • Three clicks: Go back to the previous song
  • 2-sec press: Turn on/off ANC
  • 6-sec press: Turn off earbuds

Surprisingly, the only way you can control the volume is through the device connected to Sudio Ett, and not the earbuds themselves.

With so many on the market that allow you to control volume through the earbuds (Sudio Fem included), it seems odd to not have that feature.

I’ve never felt comfortable with the whole “hold button for X seconds to increase/decrease volume” concept on wireless earbuds, however, so the lack of it with Sudio Ett sits perfectly fine with me.

As for what annoyed me, the fact that you had to take off the earbuds, place them in the case and take them back out to turn them on seemed illogical.

If the 6-sec press could turn off the earbuds, why not let it also turn them on?


Personally, Sudio Ett still leaves something to be desired when it comes to audio quality, but it’s heaps better than what I experienced with Sudio Fem.

What you get in the box

In terms of comfort, Sudio Ett fits well enough, and it’s designed in such a way that you can twist it around in your ear a lot more to find the right fit.

Each Sudio Ett earbud only weighs 5g each, but for some reason, when compared to the Jabra Elite 75t’s 5.5g per earbud, they would make my ears feel slightly sore after >40 minutes of usage.

I believe it’s the longer tail and gravity at work. I would typically notice the discomfort and soreness each time I wore Sudio Ett for longer music-listening sessions.

Battery life-wise, Sudio claims that it has 30 hours of playtime and 6 hours of usage in a single charge.

The case itself is decently compact and designed to make it much easier to open one handed compared to the Sudio Fem’s.

At RM699, it’s Sudio’s most expensive pair of wireless earbuds to date, though there are certainly noticeable improvements. Compared to Sudio Fem (RM649) then, I believe Sudio Ett is more worth the purchase.

Improved overall audio quality over Sudio FemCould feel heavy in the ears after >40 minutes of use
Good battery lifeStill lacks depth when it comes to bass quality

Bottom Line: Honestly, I’d reach for Sudio Ett a lot more if it wasn’t for the fact that they made my ears get sore after a while. I haven’t experienced such a thing with other wireless earbuds I’ve tried so far, so it’s a slight bummer that that’s what’s standing in the way of me fully enjoying the experience.

  • Sudio Ett earbuds are available here for RM699, with free worldwide shipping, 30 days no-questions-asked return policy, and an 18-month international warranty.
  • For a 15% discount, enter the code vulcanpostEtt at checkout.
  • A purchase made before the end of July comes with a free Sudio tote bag (while stocks last).

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