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Earlier this year, the Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator (CLLA) pivoted from a Venture-Building Accelerator model to a Demand-Led Accelerator model, adapting to the pandemic’s impact.

Note: Cyberview is a Tech Hub Developer, spearheading the development of Cyberjaya.

This means CLLA now recruits and commercialises startups that can solve specific issues. In order to do that, it has set a focus on several areas: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Retail Tech, and Smart Healthcare.

It recruited 5 startups for its 16th cohort, and we spoke to 3 of them that have embraced AI to propel Malaysia’s development in various sectors.

For a cleaner Malaysia

A smart city should also be a clean city with proper recycling practices. Klean is a company that provides a network of AI-powered reverse vending machines which allow users to deposit empty plastic containers for points (1 container = 10 points).

Inside Klean’s app, where users can track their points and rewards / Image Credit: Klean

The collected points will be displayed on the Klean App and users can exchange them for various rewards like Touch ‘n Go eWallet credit, Shell Bonuslink points, and Genting theme park rides.

On the outside, Klean’s reverse vending machines look like any other, but inside their chutes is the company’s proprietary AI system that recognises the type and brand of container.

Based on this data, the machines can either accept or reject the container. But the AI’s value extends past that.

The Klean reverse vending machines / Image Credit: Klean

In 2018, The Coca-Cola Company set a goal of collecting and recycling 100% of bottles and cans it sells by 2030. This is part of its commitment to reduce the disposal of its containers in oceans and landfills.

Dato’ Dr Nicholas Boden, co-founder of Klean, told Vulcan Post, “[Klean’s] data is crucial for a company like Coca Cola to be able to know with a very high level of accuracy, how many of their containers our system collects back for them.”

“For other companies, the AI data allows them to publish very reliable environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data around the CO2 saved and the effects of their ESG investments, which is a requirement of listed companies in Malaysia.”

To expand the reach of its machines, Klean is targeting:

  • Local councils,
  • Retailers like Lotus’s (which operates Tesco Malaysia),
  • Petrol stations like Shell and PETRONAS,
  • PET bottle manufacturers like Coca Cola & F&N,
  • Food delivery companies like Grab, and
  • Other multinational companies (MNCs) that are involved directly or indirectly in the production of plastic waste, specifically plastic containers.

Thus far, CLLA has supported Klean in various aspects of its business, from branding to leadership and strategy.

For more efficient e-commerce growth

Meanwhile, all-in-one business platform for SME growth solutions, Dwebly, highlighted the networking opportunities CLLA granted it. The team was able to connect with like-minded people and learn insights from players in other industries too.

The above benefits were among the reasons why Dwebly didn’t hesitate to apply to CLLA when looking for an accelerator to join, other than already being a tenant at CoInnov8 (Cyberview’s coworking space).

CEO Farah described their company as a headless commerce software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. According to her, this is something new in the market that solves SMEs’ past grievances.

“You either had to choose a custom platform [that] takes longer to develop, or an easy-to-use and instant platform [while] sacrificing customisation and integration ability,” she shared.

Via Dwebly’s headless commerce solutions, SMEs have complete control of their e-commerce websites and don’t have to worry about switching platforms to accommodate their new needs as they scale.

An example of Dwebly’s dashboard for users / Image Credit: Dwebly

At the moment, Farah shared that Dwebly has yet to properly implement AI in its solutions, but the plan is to create an algorithm that helps business owners predict better campaign strategies, enables precise marketing, efficient product and order management, and other solutions that boost growth while saving costs.

Farah pointed out the importance of AI for Dwebly, saying, “More data insights can really help our clients to plan and adjust their business operations. However, implementing AI by yourself can cost you a ton.”

“That is why we plan to handle our clients’ data and make it available for them at a fraction of the cost.” As of now, Dwebly is still data-gathering for the targeted roll-out of its AI algorithm in 2023.

For transforming a traditional automobile industry

For HIVE, AI is integral to its creation of a beneficial ecosystem for car detailing services in Malaysia. 

The HIVE App shows users the closest car detailing partner shops to them, which they can then book through the app itself. Instead of dropping their cars off at the shop, HIVE can also send a valet to do the job for users.

While waiting for their cars to be ready, users can utilise HIVE’s rewards of vouchers and deals from participating F&B brands, and be notified by the app when their car is ready.

The HIVE team / Image Credit: HIVE

Amirol, founder of HIVE shared, “We developed our own AI to capture the domain knowledge of our merchants, who are the experts in this industry. The idea is to ensure our users’ experiences are seamless and [have added] value compared to traditional on-premise experiences.”

“We believe that Malaysians have an active and busy lifestyle, therefore we rely heavily on AI in our customer engagements where we aspire to simplify our users’ journey with us to make it faster, better, and valuable.”

With regards to their experience at CLLA, Amirol shared, “Cyberview and Finnext Capital have delivered beyond our expectations. The team has helped us in opening so many doors in partnership, business, and networking for us to strengthen our position in the market.”


Thus far, CLLA has raised over RM87 million in investments, generated revenue of more than RM218 million, and created over 550 jobs with partners and programme managers.

Shafinaz Salim, Head of Technology Hub Development Division for Cyberview shared, “The aim of the CLLA programme has always been to provide startups with a platform towards commercialisation, specifically via access to investors for funding and corporates for market access—both of which will enable the cohort to grow further and faster.”

To that end, they have included a suite of tools in CLLA that will give startups a definite competitive advantage for lasting impact in the marketplace, community, and environment.

These AI focused startups still have a way to go before the end of the programme, and Cyberview is well-equipped to support them throughout their journey.

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Featured Image Credit: Dwebly / HIVE

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