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When I used to travel back to my hometown in Penang for Chinese New Year, I’d always be so eager to stop by my favourite eateries whose humble stalls and shops were basically local institutions. 

Chomping down on a plate of char kuey teow, expertly fried by the man my family calls Taxi Station Uncle (whose cart stall stood next to a taxi station) would be a signal to me that Chinese New Year had indeed begun. 

Unfortunately, the pandemic had made it difficult for most to visit their own Taxi Station Uncles and that may continue to be true this year even if travel restrictions have been lifted.

But to make it easier for you to continue buying from your favourite eateries—and more importantly for them to be able to sustain their operations—Maybank’s Sama-Sama Lokal initiative basically gives these eateries an online presence by allowing them to sell their food through the MAE app.

Getting your CNY meal delivered to your doorstep 

In Klang Valley (because that’s where I’ll likely celebrate the festivities this year), eateries on Sama-Sama Lokal are plenty. But there is also a healthy list of grocery stores, confectionery shops, and fruit peddlers too. 

With a quick search, I’ve managed to narrow down options of vendors from which to order poon choi and yee sang for the festivities. 

To help me save on my food, Sama-Sama Lokal is offering 28% off (maximum value of RM10) on orders above RM30, as part of their Fu-ture Fortune Chinese New Year campaign this year.

Deal: Use the promo code SSLCNY28 to enjoy the offer. Validity is from now until February 28, 2022.

Getting to the Sama-Sama Lokal page on the MAE app / Image credit: Maybank

On top of that, I’ll save even more money because they are also offering free deliveries of up to RM10 per transaction too. 

The best part is that the merchants you shop with will receive 100% of what you pay because Maybank does not take any commission from the transactions that happen on Sama-Sama Lokal. 

That way, vendors can keep their prices lower and allow you, the customer, to enjoy a more affordable reunion dinner this Lunar New Year. 

Earn chances to strike gold

Every time you spend or perform transactions using the MAE app—including buying food on Sama-Sama Lokal—you’ll earn chances to participate in the Fu-ture Fortune game where you tap on a Golden Orb of your choice to reveal your prize.

These could include cash prizes and shopping vouchers to be used at partner merchants such as Zalora, Caring Pharmacy, Shopee and more. 

Come Tuesdays however, one of the orbs that you tap on could reveal the prize that every participant will be eyeing to win: 5g of 999.9 gold

Stand a chance to win 5g 999.9 gold / Image credit: Maybank

If you’re not familiar with fine metal terminology, this essentially means that the gold you stand to win is 99.99% pure, which is equivalent to 24-karat pure gold. And 5 grams of this metal is worth around RM1,380 at the time of writing.

Winners of the 5g 999.9 gold will be notified via the MAE app. The prize equivalent of 5g 999.9 gold will be deposited in the winner’s Maybank MIGA-i account, and subject to the gold price as the date of when it is credited.

It’s a win-win situation

Speaking of expenses, if you anticipate needing to dole out stacks of ang paos to friends and relatives this year, you might want to consider doing so using e-Angpao on the MAE app.

Each e-Angpao you spend earns you a chance to win a lucky draw prize of RM888 cash and a chance to play the Fu-ture Fortune game. 

If you’re shopping for new clothes or dining out with friends, using the cashless Scan & Pay feature on MAE also earns you chances to win up to RM88 cashback for every transaction worth RM30 and more. 

Sending e-Angpao and paying your bills also earn you chances to play the game / Image credit: Maybank

As per the theme of the campaign, you’ll also earn chances to strike gold.

Tip: Using the MAE app during the weekends can potentially double your chances of participating in the game. So make sure to enable push notifications on your phone.

The Fu-ture Fortune campaign starts now and ends February 27, 2022 so you’ve got plenty of time to try your hand at winning some prizes while you celebrate the Year of the Tiger. 

  • You can learn more about MAE or download the app here
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