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Homegrown toy collectible brand Mighty Jaxx has just announced a new metaverse experience called MightyVerse Presents: Spooky Season, in collaboration with metaverse platform The Sandbox, and collectible maker Sideshow Collectible.

Spooky Season is Mighty Jaxx’s first venture into the metaverse, and will offer horror (and casual) fans alike a unique experience and crossover platform that will allow them to interact with their collectibles digitally in real life.

The enhanced brand experience will be free for all to enjoy during Halloween from 28 October 2022 to 11 November 2022 on The Sandbox and serves as a prelude to the full experience, the MightyVerse.

The full launch of the MightyVerse in The Sandbox will be unveiled in December 2022 in conjunction with Singapore Comic Con. Players can expect access to hidden exclusive experiences, discounts on purchase of wearables, and whitelists to future token drops, among others, in future updates.

Delve into a mysterious, spooky world

Mighty Jaxx MightyVerse Spooky Season Sideshow
Image Credit: Mighty Jaxx / Sideshow Collectible’s logo

To experience Spooky Season, players will have to download The Sandbox’s Game Maker and access the game through the ‘Featured Experiences’ gallery.

Players will then get to delve into a spooky and twisted world of mysteries to explore, solve puzzles, and immerse themselves in a shared multiplayer world to complete in-game quests.

The virtual space will reimagine the experience of collectible collection, and incorporates the traditional, physical world with the digital future.

Dancing with Death

A key highlight of the virtual space is an exclusive experience where fans get an opportunity to dance with Death, one of the main characters in the game Court of the Dead.

The exclusive experience was made possible through its collaboration with Sideshow Collectible.

It underscores the collective vision and strategic focus of Sideshow Collectible and Mighty Jaxx in creating opportunities for fans of collectibles to converge on different platforms, allowing for community growth across multiple fandoms.

Mighty Jaxx, Mighty Verse, Court of the Dead
Image Credit: Mighty Jaxx / Court of the Dead

Meet Mighty Jaxx’s first ever employee in the metaverse

Spooky Season will be hosted by CHXMP, Mighty Jaxx’s first ever employee in the metaverse, who will serve as the guide to the Spooky Season experience.

CHXMP will also be heading up Mighty Labs, the main social hub in the space that will link up all metaverse experiences in the future, and the starting point for all players entering Mighty Jaxx’s MightyVerse.

Mighty Jaxx, Mighty Verse, Spooky Season, CHXMP
Image Credit: Mighty Jaxx / CHXMP

For the Halloween special, CHXMP will also be accompanied by Creepy Cuties, Mighty Jaxx’s totem-inspired proprietary horror icons, inspired by classical mythical characters such as the Krampus, Chupacabra, Slit-mouthed woman and the Hungry Ghost.

Players in Spooky Season will also get access to an exclusive preview to Mighty Jaxx’s upcoming Creepy Cuties crossover series with D.G.Pals’ interoperable multi-game, multi-genre NFT GameFi platform, which will further strengthen how Mighty Jaxx is able to leverage on different IPs to create a phygital experience for fans.

Mighty Jaxx MightyVerse Creepy Cuties
Image Credit: Mighty Jaxx / Creepy Cuties statue in the MightyVerse

Creating a stronger value for collectible fans

According to Mighty Jaxx, the unified commitment of Mighty Jaxx and Sideshow Collectible to building a true hybrid ‘phygital’ offering via a platform sets the stage for future partnerships and launches, where the full-experiential journey for all fans will be reimagined, and thereby, creating stronger value for them.

Beyond its function as a crossover platform for Mighty Jaxx to bring physical collectibles to life, the MightyVerse creates new ways of interaction between players and brings together the larger community of collectible lovers to play and share their passion for the art, while paving the way for Mighty Jaxx to continue offering collectibles and novel experiences for fans.

Mighty Jaxx, MightyVerse, Mighty Labs entrance
Image Credit: Mighty Jaxx / The entrance to Mighty Labs

With people being able to dive into the digital world in a first-person experience, The Sandbox will provide Mighty Jaxx and its partners a dedicated space that they can continually expand, reinvent, and improve to go beyond bespoke experiences and activating fanbases in a wider scale beyond physical events.

Darryl Tan, Mighty Jaxx’s head of mighty meta, emphasised that moving forward, the future of collectibles will be digital.

“We know that most fandoms are already spending a lot of time in virtual worlds, presenting us opportunities to create unparalleled experiences for our fans through MightyVerse, our proprietary platform for tech-enabled collectibles,” he explained.

“It is important that we’re not simply recreating our fans’ reality in the virtual world. Our focus is to build a space for brands and community to gather and interact with an experience that transcend seasons. This pilot MightyVerse initiative, Spooky Season, is a slice of the many exciting experiences that we have in store for fans and modern digital collectors as we continue to grow the MightyVerse as the platform to elevate existing and new IPs.”

Darryl Tan, Mighty Jaxx’s head of mighty meta

Aside from its foray into the metaverse, Mighty Jaxx entered the NFT space back in 2019. Mighty Jaxx’s incorporation of NFT technology enables owners of physical collectibles to verify their authenticity.

Featured Image Credit: Mighty Jaxx

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