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Tired of seeing your wife or girlfriend buy clothes after clothes online? Anxious that she spends more time sharing screenshots of accessories, tops, and bottoms with you than asking how your day at work was? For men, the problem may not be about how their lovely-cutesy-sweetie-pies are fixated to online shopping – but that the closet is already full!

One Malaysian husband decided to up the ante in attempting to fix this virtual fixation by writing to Zalora Malaysia and pleading for them to ban his wife. It first started with him suggesting that the e-commerce platform inform his wife that its web server is down if she visits the site.

The husband, Radzi Ali, wrote: “Hi Zalora, if you see my wife shopping here, ignore her ok. Just pretend and say that the server is down or the computer is faulty. Just come up with any excuse you can find. By the way, my wife’s name is Nuzaimah. Remember that ok.”

Zalora Malaysia

Interestingly, Zalora Malaysia responded 25 minutes later, saying, “Hi Radzi! Hahaha sorry but we can’t detect every customer that visits our website. That said, our website always runs smoothly and we are not able to pretend and say that our server is down. If you want to enjoy savings, you may register for our newsletter to receive vouchers and the latest information regarding our sales or discounts.”


Radzi replied Zalora with an even more hilarious comment, suggesting that the e-commerce site ban his wife: “If that’s the case, can I request that Zalora ban my wife? Do it secretly ok. Her name: Nuzaimah Ideris. Thank you.”

At this point, the wife, Nuzaimah Ideris, finally joined the conversation: “Hi Zalora, I don’t think it is good to ban a potential client like me. Don’t disappoint your client, Zalora. Come on… Cheers for Zalora… Ermmm… By the way, how can I get discounts from you? Lol.”

zalorams3The amusing conversation between the three parties ended with the following comment from the wife: “OMG! This post has become viral… My husband and I were just kidding. Honestly, I have yet to shop at Zalora. I will turn my husband’s dream into a reality later. LOL. Felt like giving birth reading the comments from others. Zalora, you are more than welcome to sponsor anything for my first baby. Zalora gets free marketing. Good night.”

The original post has went viral with over 200 ‘likes’ as of yesterday, 1st December 2014. Zalora Malaysia has informed the couple to message them privately via Facebook. It is not known what happened after that.

We hope a representative from Zalora Malaysia (or their friends in Singapore) can update us on any development from this story. An adorable couple indeed!


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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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