Being chased by a spinning saw, nearly eaten by a tiger, and driving towards a wall at 100km/hour - all just to prove the network speed.

Sarah Enxhi  |  MY
Published 2014-12-03 10:00:19

Telco providers in Malaysia have tried to come up with advertisements that are creative to convince the public that they have the widest network coverage, the lowest bundle prices, and the fastest network speed; but if there’s an award for the most dramatic advertisements, Maxis has now bagged it.

Putting their own Chief Technology Officer’s life on the line, Maxis carried out 3 tests to prove their download speed, loading time for webpages, and YouTube buffering speed.


In the first test, Morten Bangsgaard, the CTO of Maxis, sits in a couch that is moving forward according to the YouTube buffering speed, and it is being ‘chased’ by a spinning saw that’s moving at a constant speed.

In the second test, Bangsgaard is placed in an enclosure with a tiger at one end and a gate is lowered to separate the tiger from getting to him, but only after his song is successfully downloaded.

And in the final test, Bangsgaard drives a drag-racing car towards a huge wall at 100 kilometres per hour, and the wall divides into two to allow the car to go through after the Facebook page loads in his phone.

All situations were performed in highly-controlled environments, of course, but Bangsgaard’s confidence in Maxis’ network speed is still pretty admirable. Watch the 3 videos below to see how he bets his life on it!

#1 Zero YouTube Buffering

#2 Download Speed More Than 1Mbps

#3 Load Top Webpages In 8 Secs Or Less

Alright, we have to admit some parts of the videos were very dramatised, especially this part:

“Drop your speed! Drop your speed!” 

“I’m going ahead!”

But still, props to Bangsgaard and the Maxis team for making such awesome videos to prove their point.


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