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Bamboo cutlery is a perfect replacement for any disposable cutlery.
Cutlery Set


Bamboo cutlery is a perfect replacement for any disposable cutlery.

They are lightweight and an easy zero-waste addition to your bag or BYO kit.

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By bringing your own reusable bamboo cutlery set, you can refuse all the single-use cutleries while still enjoying your picnic or take-away lunch. The perfect size and lightweight so that you can store it in your bag.

Each cutlery set includes a spoon, knife, fork and chopsticks. The bamboo cutlery set does not come with a pouch.

These cutlery sets can be carried in your hand baggage when you travel. It’s also designed to be long lasting and easy to clean, without any splintering.



Made from Bamboo with beeswax and tree resin coating.

Bamboo grows incredibly fast, making deforestation not an issue with its rapid and frequent growth spurts. Bamboo is a natural resource and soil conservation tool as it can grow in soil that has been damaged by poor agricultural methods.


FAQs About The Product

Is it sturdy to cut through food? Yes! It is long-lasting and can cut through steaks.

Will it grow mould? There is a layer of beeswax on it, to prevent any mould from growing. However, with Singapore’s unpredictable humidity, do ensure that you keep it in a dry and cool place.

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Chopsticks, Cutlery Set, Fork, Knife, Spoon


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