Birds Of Paradise Shotpods



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Sold in a single box of 20 Nespresso® compatible capsule. Product Information Country: Papua New Guinea Producer: Purosa Co-op Altitude: 1,800m Varietal: Typica and Bourbon Processes: Wet Processed


“If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be a bird in paradise, indulge in this coffee’s dark chocolate base, brightened by hints of tropical stone fruit flavours. It finishes like a smooth landing, leaving a lingering & smokey oolong aftertaste.”

The Bird of Paradise is a species of birds endemic to New Guinea, distinguished by its striking colors and bright plumage of yellow, blue, scarlet, green – and this coffee is as beautiful and exotic as its name suggests.

The coffee itself, was shade-grown and cultivated on the rich volcanic soils of Purosa Valley in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New guinea, where rain is abounding and native wildlife flourishes.

Purosa is the nucleus for a range of coffee and community activities and is located 93 kilometers South-West of Goroka township, the capital of the Eastern Highlands Province. As the area is isolated and difficult to access it was decided some years ago to follow an organic coffee stream so as to add value to the coffee and to compensate for the difficult access and the historically low prices persisting at that time.

The coffees are the labour of love of Purosa Co-operative’s smallholder farmers who come from various indigenous groups. Despite a history of tribal conflict especially between the North Fore and South Fore groups, they have come together to produce this inspiringly harmonious coffee.

The objectives of the co-operative include pooled-effort and investments for the improvement of roads and infrastructure, to enhance resources for community schools in the district, to support four health centres and aid posts through the provision of beds and medicines, and to provide employment particularly women’s groups.



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