Morning Starter (10 Tea Balls)



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Ingredients: Naturally-grown chamomile, moringa & rose petals Tasting notes: Sweet & floral, packs a punch. Health Benefits:  – Helps to calm nerves – Improves digestion To ensure freshness of our teas and to do our part for the environment, all our products are sealed at source and packed in biodegradable and recyclable packaging. 


Steep and sip conveniently with Singapore’s First Tea Balls. Unlike paper or plastic tea bags, our tea balls are made using handmade muslin cloth. Premium loose leaf wrapped in handmade muslin cloth for you to enjoy!

Mixing chamomile, rose petals and moringa, the perfect Morning Starter is produced! Known to be nature’s true gift, the Chamomile Rose Moringa tea is widely popular for its health benefits. Enjoy the incredibly fruity and floral taste of Morning Starter to kickstart your day!


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