MTO P3 Classic Sunglasses (Tortoise and Crystal)

Founded in Singapore by a brother-sister team, The Rocket Eyewear Company was inspired when they noticed their mother kept losing her sunglasses.

Unique combinations of tortoise shell and crystal acetates give these four frames that timeless look with a modern twist.


Crystal & Blonde Tortoise with Brown Polarized Lenses
Caramel Tortoise & Sienna with Brown Polarized Lenses
Mother's Pearl & Chin Chow Tortoise with Brown Polarized Lenses
Caviar Tortoise & Rosé with Brown Polarized Lenses

Featuring 12-mm nose pads, Raised Fit frames sit higher on your face than Standard Fit ones.

If you have high cheekbones relative to your nose bridge, or glasses often slide down your nose, sit on your cheeks or move when you smile, our Raised Fit frames offer long-lasting comfort. A happy customer named Dory once said, “They pass the smile test!”

Tiffany wears Raised Fit.

Standard Fit frames, on the other hand, are perfect for you if you have a high nose bridge relative to your cheekbones.

Zenos wears Standard Fit.

Apart from the nose pad, Raised and Standard Fit frames are identical.

We came up with Raised and Standard Fit because Singaporeans are super diverse, and so are our noses. 

Frame Size

To find your ideal frame size, you can measure the frame width of your current sunglasses and compare it with our three sizes:

  1. Original (143 mm wide)
  2. Tailored (136 mm wide)
  3. Small (132 mm wide)

Please measure. Doing so helps you know with certainty which frame size to choose.

Generally, we recommend women try Original because it offers a flattering, slightly oversized look. Based on our sales data, most female customers prefer Original: in fact, more than half of those who initially order Tailored find it too small and end up exchanging to Original.

With male customers, our data shows half of them liking Original and the other half preferring Tailored. 

Pro tip: measure your glasses and refer to this diagram.

Examples: See Our Sizes on Different Faces

From left to right, each person below wears Hunter Green Clear in Original (143 mm wide), Tailored (136 mm wide) and Small (132 mm wide).

On Her

On Him

On Leo, 10, and Mila, 11

If you have any questions at all, please contact us at We will answer them!

1. The MTO offers a classic, understated look for men and women: it is based on the P3, a round frame shape designed for U.S. soldiers during WWII and worn by 1950s Hollywood movie stars like Grace Kelly and James Dean.


2. Two fits (Raised and Standard), three sizes (Original, Tailored and Small) and 24 color combinations ensure a personalised fit for unique facial features.


3. Polarised CR-39 lenses with anti-scratch coating provide 100% UVA/UVB protection, glare elimination and maximum visual clarity.*


4. Handcrafted premium acetate frames are sturdy, lightweight (only 29 g) and easy to adjust by hand without requiring heat.


5. Five-barrel stainless-steel hinges reinforce structural integrity, while an engraved ridge detail on the inner temple tips prevents slipping.


*Polarised lenses enhance vision when outdoors but are not for everyone. When you wear polarised lenses and look at your phone or certain car windows, you may see “rainbows.” This effect occurs when you see other polarised surfaces through your polarised lenses.

In fact, pilots cannot wear polarised sunglasses because their cockpit and dashboard screens are also polarised—and we wouldn’t want our pilots seeing rainbows while flying!

If you prefer your Rockets feeling more snug or looser, there are two easy ways you can adjust them for a more personalised fit. In the video below, we show you step-by-step how to adjust your Rocket frames.

If you like them more snug…

Step 1: Bend temple arms inward so that they hug the sides of your head.

Step 2: Bend temple tips downward so that they sit closer to the curve of your ear.

If you like them looser…

Step 1: Bend temple arms outward so that they straighten and don’t press against the sides of your head.

Step 2: Bend temple tips upward so that they flatten and don’t feel like they’re digging into the back of your ears.

If you have any questions, email us at We’d be happy to guide you through how to adjust your Rockets over a video call.

P.S. If you don’t feel comfortable adjusting your Rockets yourself, feel free to bring them to us or any optician. We’d be more than happy to adjust them for you.

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