Liang Hwei  |  Singapore
Published 2014-12-10 12:01:36

Xiaomi fans out there will be excited to know that they have a brand new product hitting Singapore – and no, it’s not a smartphone. The Mi Band is Xiaomi’s latest foray into fitness wearables, and it’s set to sell on 16th December. The best part is that it only costs S$19.99!

Vulcan Post managed to get our hands on a Mi Band before sales open, so we’ll be giving you the insights into this extremely affordable wearable.

Image Credit: Xiaomi
Image Credit: Xiaomi

The Mi Band is Xiaomi’s answer to overpriced, fancy fitness trackers. Following the trend of other fitness trackers, the Mi Band is IP67 water and dust resistant, tracks motion and counts steps taken per day while walking and running, and monitors your sleep pattern automatically as long as you keep the Mi Band on your wrist.

On first wear, it does feel a bit flimsy, but the capabilities definitely make up for its feel.

It’s great for goal-tracking, as it updates you on your progress throughout your day. Simply set a goal from your phone on the number of steps you’re aiming for, and every time you lift up your wrist to look at it, somewhat like checking your wristwatch for the time, it will light up to update you – one light for one-third of your goal completed, two lights for two-thirds, and three lights for a completed goal!

Its alarm setting, however, isn’t very useful. It doesn’t sync with other alarm apps, like UP Jawbone or Fitbit, and the alarm is simply three vibrations before it turns off. For a heavy sleeper like me, that’s as good as nothing.

Aside from its fitness capabilities, it also syncs to your smartphone, though it only works with the Mi 3 and Redmi Note 4G, and some features are available with several Android phones (sorry Apple users). It unlocks your Mi phone’s screen, and vibrates when you receive a call. It’s battery lasts for 30 days, so you don’t have to worry about missing a single day’s workout regime, or a single night’s sleep.

It does lack a screen, which is frustrating as a smartphone companion as it won’t be able to share any specific notifications like messages or who the missed call is from. However, with the tiny pricetag this device has, I can’t really complain.

Ultimately, I would suggest any Kiasu Singaporeans interested in trying to test out a wearable to give this a shot. We all know that Singaporeans love themselves a great deal, and this would be a great-enough incentive to lose your wearable virginity. It comes in array of different colours, including the dashing black colour we got our hands on.

Mi Band will be going on sale on Xiaomi Singapore’s website, and their Facebook page will be updated with details about the sale.

Here are some photos of Mi Band:

mi band 1

mi band 4

mi band 5

mi band 3

mi band 2

Image Credit: Xiaomi
Image Credit: Xiaomi


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