Jacky Yap  |  SG
Published 2013-10-21 09:00:28


If you have been travelling around and you are looking for alternatives to the normal hotel stays, chances are you might have heard about Airbnb. Founded 5 years ago, Airbnb allows anyone to rent out their home or properties to travellers for short term stay.

airbnb website

Airbnb continues to grow at an amazing pace, and now has served a total of 9 million guests in the five years since being founded. In terms of property listings, it has also grown from 120,000 listings at the start of 2012 to over 300,000 listings by 2013.

Among all the huge growth in traction, a recent Facebook plea by one of its users is ignored (at the time of the writing). According to the Facebook post, user Diana Oliveira Barbeito has had her Airbnb account “hacked” and “money stolen” for almost a week.

airbnb 1

On top of the user account hacked, there were several other cases where users faced problems in their payouts as well as deposits.

airbnb-3 airbnb-4 airbnb-5

User Lula Samuel also claims that Airbnb is having system issues but Airbnb is not announcing it. So if you are one of the few users facing problems with your account, know this: you are not alone.

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