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One thing Singapore is great for – lots of vitamin D from the sun that we all have a love-hate (or hate-hate for some) relationship with. I, for one, always dreamt of powering my entire house on solar energy. Why use electricity when we have so much sun, right?

Before that dream can become a reality, I checked out of my dreamland and found these great watches, which I thought could definitely bring me one step closer to that dream of powering everything in Singapore on solar energy.

Introducing to you, the Q&Q SmileSolar Watch by Citizen Japan:


Q&Q stands for Quest & Quality and this new range of trendy and fashionable watches, marketed under the Q&Q brand as SmileSolar watches, come with the tagline: “Time for everyone”.

Made by Citizen Japan, Q&Q SmileSolar watches are expertly crafted from both virgin and recycled materials featuring waterproof casing and a solar-powered system that keeps them operational up to 3.5 months after a single charge. Citizen Japan has successfully integrated their Solar technology & fashion into a joyful timepiece – watches with a wide universal reach and are super efficient, cost-effective, and low maintenance. And here are four reasons why you should own one of them:

  1. It is solar-powered, and does not require batteries. A 10-minute charge under fluorescent light provides a power reserve of 3.5 months, and 30 minutes is enough to last for 11 months.
  2. Expertly crafted from both virgin and recycled materials.
  3. Features a waterproof casing for 5m.
  4. When you purchase a Q&Q SmileSolar watch, a portion of the proceeds is donated to TABLE FOR TWO, to deliver school meals to children in Africa and Asia.

These Q&Q SmileSolar watches are extremely eco-friendly and fun to have! They perhaps even encourage all of us to get our lazy bums out of our comfortable sofas and into the sun to have some fun! In fact, the 15 new models created are specially designed to encapsulate vibrant colours and patterns, and meant to create happy and enjoyable moments where smiles are abundant – the very reason why it is called SmileSolar.

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Q&Q SmileSolar Watch featured in Katy Perry’s Video, “Birthday” (Image Credit: Smile-qq)

If you’re getting as excited about these beautiful watches as I am, the next thing you’re probably wondering is this: how do I get my hands on them (or get them on my hand)?enablejsapi=1&html5=1&

Simply head over to Haystakt.com and you will find the landing page that looks like the screenshot below. Now perhaps what catches your eye after looking through all the information on the page is the graph that resembles what you would find in a stock exchange. Well, don’t be overwhelmed.

Here’s how it works – these watches start at just S$57.14, and the more people buy, the less everyone pays. In addition, the earlier you order, the more you save. Simply hover over the price curve to see exactly how much you pay!


Eco-friendly with an added social cause, as well as celebrity endorsement in Katy Perry’s music video “Birthday” – what’s not to love? Head over to Haystakt.com to pre-order now so you end up paying the least!

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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