Shilpa  |  Singapore
Published 2013-10-23 08:33:38

One of the worst fears that we have is that if (when, semantics really!) we happen to fart in public, people can smell it. And who hasn’t done it at one point in time or another? Sometimes, you try to silence the fart and you want to congratulate yourself on the job well done for the ‘silencer’ but most often the smell that arrives next is the worst!

In the clip above, Carrie has just begun a relationship with Mr.Big and she accidentally releases a fart in their bedroom. Aren’t we all familiar with the embarrassment that accompanies a fart? Now if only she had had Shreddies, she could have at least eliminated the smell and stay hidden under her blanket fort.

How does Shreddies work?

Unlike most underwear which is made from good old cotton or satin for those who like it soft and silky, Shreddies underwear were conceptualised using chemical warfare technology to filter unwanted gas. These award winning and patented underwear, created by Shreddies Ltd. based in England features a highly absorptive carbon cloth back panel which traps and neutralizes frat smells. Sounds like a built in Febreeze system!

This thin cloth contains Zorflex , same activated carbon material used in warfare uniforms, is reactivated by simply washing the undies. No matter how bad you think your fart smells like, this piece of beauty will capture all of it; its been said that it can filter odours 200 times the strength of the average fart.

There is a part of me that is really intrigued to find out how they figured out the smell of the average fart in the first place.

Who knew you can look this good while farting and not feel guilty about the after smell?

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