We've seen it all. From awkward, to redundant and the rib-tickling Facebook posts. But, this definitely takes the biscuit.

Priscilla Tan  |  Singapore
Published 2014-06-06 12:30:12

We’ve seen it all. From awkward, to redundant and the rib-tickling Facebook posts. But, this definitely takes the biscuit.

Our main antagonist goes by the names of “Sumar Munji Samar” and David Rapla (the boy clearly can’t make up his mind.) As shown on his Facebook posts, he’s using the social media platform to recruit participants to hijack a Shell lorry heading for Kepong from Kapar, Klang.

Image credit: CMM

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Ever the ambitious type, he went on to post another “job vacancy” for stealing gold chains in Kepong and the stuffs that are needed for the operation. The boy even posted a photo of a machete on his public profile with a status of “Feeling To Potong”. Translation: cut off/amputate

He’s not very bright, is he? This violent display of behaviour is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, disturbing. Needless to say, the whole thing is utterly absurd.

It hasn’t been confirmed whether this Facebook user poses a threat. He could be a troll, who’s desperate for attention. Ever since his post was highlighted in the Comedy Machas and Machis (CMM) page, his Facebook friends count has shown a significant increase — not a good sign in this case.

“This page highlights all those ‘gangsters’ found in FB of Malaysian Indian ethnicity as well as educating kids on how to behave in social network.” – CMM

Image credit: Alibabaoglan
Image credit: Alibabaoglan

The story was picked up by Malaysia’s social news site SAYS and last I’ve checked, it has over 800 reads. It has also sparked off a handful of hilarious tweets and blog posts. One prime example is V Shuman from The Ant Daily, an online news portal based in Malaysia. He reminded us of the humour of it all by calling Sumar/David a “peabrain”.

Could this be a false alarm?

Troll or not, this raises an issue. Users, whether young or old, should understand that it is never okay to abuse on Facebook and other social networking sites. We should be more responsible when it comes to online technology. Let’s make the internet safe for everyone.

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