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Published 2014-06-12 12:30:41

It is that time of the year again; where the world of tertiary education looms closer to those in high school. For those of you fresh from your experiences in colleges or matriculation of Form Six, congratulations on making it through. Now, it is time to pick the degree that determines your future. Of course with that kind of a thought weighing down on you, it is only natural to be afraid and apprehensive.

Not only is choosing a university a thought that weighs you down, you are probably rating the pros and cons of the course you would like to pursue, whether or not you could see yourself twenty years down the road doing the same old thing.

Image Credit: theaustralian.com.au
Image Credit: theaustralian.com.au

Cue the entrance of Easyuni. Upon loading their website, users would be impressed by the clean, easy layout which breaks off into sections such as countries to choose from, advices, scholarships and so on. This indeed is a gift to many confused students out there that are running around like headless chickens from being bombarded by too much information at the same time.

Easyuni boasts a website containing approximately seventy thousand courses, 1,964 universities and colleges and twenty seven countries for you to choose from. All you have to do is pick the level of education you wish to pursue, your choice country and what you would like to study. Easyuni would then narrow down their listings to fit your choices.

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Edwin Tay who is the founder and CEO of this website states that their founding vision was to help parents and students make an informed choice of university selections without receiving undue pressure from third parties and schools. It is their belief in providing useful articles about education, scholarships and news which prompted their pairing with Yahoo News in Southeast Asian countries.

Image Credit: www.wyzant.com
Image Credit: www.wyzant.com

Turning down the road of creating and publishing content via Easyuni itself, this site is dedicated to reaching more people. Thus, Yahoo News Malaysia has provided them with a dedicated education channel which is brimming with exclusive content.

According to an Easyuni spokesperson, Yahoo Network draws the attention of roughly 7.2 million unique Malaysian users each month. Edwin Tay further says that the content is updated on a daily basis. Those that garner high traffic would automatically be promoted on the Y! home page as a trending article. Currently, Easyuni boasts about three to five trending articles each month.

So, for all you stressed out students and worried parents out there, here is a website that might just be the answer to your questions.

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