Now You Can Have Your Social Media and Eat It. Check out some sweet tributes to our beloved social media platforms!

Jasmine Ho  |  Singapore
Published 2013-10-24 14:00:04


How crazy are you about your online social networks? Apparently, some of us are obsessed enough to create sweet treats featuring social media icons! Howtocookthat.com, a recipe collection blog has created both a Facebook Cheesecake and a Instagram Jello Chocolate Mousse Cake, and we think you will love them as much as we do:

facebook cheesecake

Get the recipe here.

instagram cake

Learn how to bake that here.

Here’s one for Pinterest! Given that Pinterest is flooded with so many cupcake recipes, it seems fitting that someone come up with a Pinterest cupcake.

pinterest cupcake
Google have caught this trend early! Check out what they served at the Google I/O Launch back in 2009.



android cupcake

 And of course, how could Twitter lose out as well? Here’s some Twitter cupcakes for you:

twitter cup cakes


twitter cupcakes

What do you think of these social media icon cupcakes? Are you warming up your oven to try out the recipes already?

And they look really yummy!

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