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Published 2014-06-18 12:30:51

I’ll lift her up by the waist and drop her on the nearest table, kiss her for a little bit and say:

“Baby you know I love you and I’ll do anything to make you happy

Sure I could drop my start-up now, go back to my day job doing things I don’t enjoy for a boss I don’t like for 8 hours a day; but I will be very unhappy and I will end up resenting you for it

I’m doing this start-up thing for you, for us. So that in 2 years, I’ll only have to work maybe 4/5 hours a day and we can finally take that trip to Peru that you’ve always wanted without having to worry about how much money we have to spend.

But for that to happen I need to work hard right now and I need you to support me.

I need your support right now more than I have ever needed it before.”

Image Credit: Slodive
Image Credit: Slodive

Its easy to get what you want after a good kiss, and she’ll explain what she really wants which is most likely not for you to give up your start-up (your dreams?).

She needs you to spend more time with her and show her that she’s more important to you than your startup. You don’t need to give up your start-up to show this.


If however you decide you want to dump your start-up for her, then consider this:

Today it’s Her vs Your Startup?

Tomorrow it’s Her vs Something else that’s important to you but inconvenient for her.

Then when you give that up too, she’ll probably dump you later because you’re not man enough to follow your dreams. (It’s not easy being a guy).

You want her and you want your start-up now stop being a sissy and go make both happen.

The above response is written by Felix Oginni, and it originally appeared on Quora. It is edited to add some visual images to it.

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