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Remember PixaRoll? The team behind it is on a roll: they have recently launched a new product called Poppin Prints, an online portal for you to buy beautiful and inspiring designs.

Let’s us rewind for a bit.

Singapore-based PixaRoll is a simple mobile application that allows you to print physical copies of your photos and get it delivered right to your doorstep. Launched back in 2012, the idea behind the photography app is straightforward: simply launch the app, choose any photos you want to be printed, place an order through the app, and the photos will arrive at your doorstep within just days.

pixaroll app

The team has also been maintaining an active presence on its Facebook page by sharing great and inspiring designs to their PixaRoll customers.

“Our customers were asking to buy the beautiful, inspiring designs that we did for our Facebook page. So that is how Poppin Prints came about. There are 2 goals for this site, by getting artists to create artworks or prints that you would like to see in your home and roll out new, exciting photo products to knock the socks off print lovers.” – Poppin Prints

With the newly launched site, not only can customers get their items ordered through the PixaRoll mobile app, customers who are looking for inspiring designs even as gifts can also order them straight from the website. Rather than waiting for customers to order photos and gifts, which they have created themselves, PixaRoll’s Poppin Prints now targets customers who are looking to be inspired.

pixaroll world cup series

Other than selling inspirational quotes and magnet blocks, a new product category caught our attention: the Chop Blocks – Portrait Ink Stamps for a Selfie Generation. Its product description reads:

“With Chop Block, you get your face stamped on anything! Letters, Christmas cards, wedding invites, scrapbooks or year books! We even provide you with the stickies to stick them where it matters – with plenty of swag too. Each of these stamps are drawn by talented artists to ensure that product you get is unique and original. Totally artistic impression. Not to mention being able to draw all the finer details. whiskers and all.”

chop blocks

With the selfie generation, the product makes total sense and we wouldn’t be surprise to see people talking about this soon. After all, it allows you to turn your selfies into hand-drawn rubber stamps.

Would you buy one?

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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