This Video Shows You The Hidden Spirit of Penang Which Most Don't Pay Attention To

What are some of the things that come to mind when you think about Penang, one of the states of Malaysia?

Most people who are familiar with Penang would know that it is one of the best places to go to for great food. Locals would recommend tourists and travellers to try the Penang asam laksa, beef kway teow soup, cendol, hokkien mee, fried kway teow, and so much more. Malaysians would arrange a day trip just to travel all the way to Penang to spend a day there filling themselves with famous Penang treats and indulge in the local culinary scene.

Image Credit: Gopenang

Architects and professional photographers would think of Penang as a structural and picturesque paradise. The temples, museums, colonial buildings, and historical forts offer an array of options for passionate hobbyists. And of course, not to forget the lush nature and beauty of Penang’s National Park and Penang Hill which doesn’t fail to attract people who are fond of flora and fauna.

Image Credit: Wikipedia (uploaded by cmglee)

All these popular features of Penang are seen easily by tourists who walk the streets of Penang; however, there is much that goes on behind the scenes of the Penang culture and community, and one keen eye has taken the time to eternalize those scenes in a short film.

YouTube user, Keh Ping Tee took to the streets of Penang and made a video about the imperishable spirit that exists in the hearts of a special group of people in Penang, and it is this spirit that has driven Penang forward and made it what it is today.

Watch this beautiful video and truly be amazed.

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