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Published 2014-06-24 13:30:34

With the World Cup fever going around now, everyone is rooting for their favourite teams. Have you wondered, which team is the most talked about team for FIFA?

According to SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase, Brazil is the most talked about team so far. This is based on the mentions of countries on social media in connection with the World Cup.

fifa 2014 team

If you have been following the World Cup closely, you would know that an extraordinary goalkeeping performance from Mexico’s Guillermo Ochoa has helped Mexico secure a nil-all draw with host nation Brazil.

Here’s how #BRAMEX played out on Twitter:

There were a total of 8.95 million Tweets about the game during the match window. 

total tweets 

The most Tweeted moments were: 

peak moment 

The most mentioned players were:

 most mentioned players

There were nearly 2 million mentions of #MEX goalkeeper @yosoy8a during the match


Pitted against a star-studded team playing in their home country, Mexico maintained their line of defense throughout the game and concluded the match in a goalless draw, thanks to an especially spectacular performance by the 28-year-old goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa. He was named the Man of the Match for making at least six crucial saves to prevent Brazil from scoring a goal.

Guillermo Ochoa memes sweep the internet after Mexico goalkeeper thwarts Brazil. Here are some notable ones:

mexico meme

So, which team are you rooting for to win the World Cup 2014?

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