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Formally a radio announcer on Red FM, for most of the days, Melissa Th’ng appears to be a regular college student. However, she has done all Malaysians proud for representing Malaysia in the first cycle of Asia’s Next Top Model (ANTM) in 2013. Currently, Melissa is an event emcee, model, and a full-time student. This week, we have the privilege to talk to Melissa regarding her love and tips towards health and fitness.


What fitness related mobile apps do you use? 

Unfortunately, I don’t use any apps. I used to play tennis for my states Selangor and Perak, so the team and I did lots of drills every single day. I’ve read countless books on exercises and diets. It’s kind of hard to forget the drills that was my childhood haha, so I just do the workouts that I know by heart.

Do you watch YouTube videos to work out? If yes, which YouTubers do you subscribe to/watch?

Hahaha I don’t watch other YouTubers, but I have a channel (you can search for “TheMelissaThng”) where I’m going to post quick workout ideas! Maybe I’ll be the YouTuber you can watch haha!

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What is your fitness mantra?

“Don’t work out to be skinny, work out to be fit and healthy.”

That’s what I always tell my followers on Instagram. Being on Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 1, I see people emphasizing on how important it is for models to be skinny, so that they can fit the designer’s clothes.

I can understand that it is part of a model’s job description. But I think for us, where we don’t have to fit in clothes for a living, we really should embrace our individual bodies. Clothes should be tailored to fit us. Not the other way around. I think it’s more important that we work towards being fit and strong, happy and healthy.


What are the gadgets you use while working out?

When working out, I need my MUSIC! I don’t own any fancy gadgets (Hint hint, my birthday is in May ;P haha!) but I plug in my earphones into my phone! There’s really no excuse, make it work with whatever you have!


What is your favourite website or app for healthy recipes?

To be honest, I don’t have a website for healthy recipes nor do I follow a strict diet, where I only eat like clean food. I eat whatever I want, whenever I want. Mom would probably say I eat way too many chips (haha). But I do stay away from little things like bacon fat (yes, I would actually cut them away) and chicken skin. Little things like that. And I’m lucky because I naturally like eating chicken breast – that’s the only part of the chicken I eat.

I would pick water or fresh juice over coffee. So that helps a lot. You really don’t have to change your entire diet to be healthy. That’s too much work, and even I wouldn’t do it. Little things like opting for wholemeal bread instead of white bread, or swapping your soda for water. These things add up and at the end of the year, you’d be surprised with what a difference it makes!


Any words of encouragement to fitness lovers/people who want to get healthy?

If you’re already on the right track, but you’re getting tired, don’t lose faith. Health and fitness is not a one week thing. It’s a lifestyle and a long term journey. So don’t be too hard on yourself if you have an extra cheat meal or if you missed a gym day. Most of my meals are cheat meals, just smaller portions.

And if you are new to this whole “healthy/ fitness” thing, then yay welcome! It’s never too late to start! You can work out anywhere, anytime. I do sit ups while watching TV, so there’s really no shame!

Remember, you have as many hours in a day as Beyonce! If you’re really tied for time, you can try 5-minute workouts. Always switch up your routines – Gymming, swimming or my personal favourite, tennis. That way, it’s always exciting to work out!

Now when it comes to diets, try making small changes instead of drastic ones. Like if you suddenly cut out all carbs from all your meals, it will shock your body and many times, it’s hard to stick to that diet for the rest of you life!

Personally, I feel fad diets never sustain for too long. You know the ones that are like “Lose 283782 pounds in 2 weeks”? Yeah. You might lose some weight (if any), but they don’t last, and your weight tends to yo-yo back up again. Not the healthiest idea either. So yes, small changes to your diet and constant exercise. Most importantly, pace yourself!

We at Vulcan Post want to extend our thanks to Melissa for being so open and friendly about her fitness and health regimes. One thing to note is that often times, living healthily tends to reflect in your overall outlook in life. It gives you positive vibes and shoos away any form of depression or self condemnation. And it’s definitely working for Melissa because her bubbly and energetic responses definitely proves it all!

All images are taken from Melissa Th’ng’s Facebook page.

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