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Our main lead goes by the name of Blubber, who managed to gain mastery over Super Mario Bros in under 5 minutes — or more specifically, in 4:57.69 What’s noteworthy is that unlike most players, Blubber ignores collecting coins and power-ups.  Here’s a 5 minute playthrough of the video game. Despite that it was uploaded a week ago, it has surpassed over the 1 million mark.

Don’t believe it? See and judge it for yourself!

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Super Mario Bros is a popular video game developed by Nintendo EAD and published by Nintendo. In the game the player controls the role of Mario, the main character of the game, as he wend his way to Mushroom Kingdom to rescue Princess Peach (aka Princess Toadstool). It was released way back in 1985, but still remains one of the best selling games of all time. Proving that they are the movers and shakers in the video game business, Super Mario Bros has been remade several times that went on to receive favourable reviews from critics and the gaming community.

Perhaps sensing that he/she is going to get backlash (read: hacks) for this impressive feat from the public, Blubber described how this is all possible in the YouTube description box. People are already showing their doubts and suspicions of Blubber’s achievement, saying that the character should have ‘died’ after touching the plants coming out from the pipes; whereas some have expressed awe and support for Blubber’s amazing jumps and moves.

Seriously, those moves though (Image Credit: Huffington Post)

Real or not, watching the video definitely makes me want to go back to my Nintendo — and have a shot at breaking the record.

Do you think that you can do better? Or do you want to at least attempt it? You don’t even need a Nintendo anymore, you can play it right here!

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