Liang Hwei  |  Singapore
Published 2014-07-11 11:30:59

Technology can do anything these days. It seems as if it is moving into the most unlikeliest of services, to simplify the most tedious of chores. It is a surprise, especially to stressed homeowners everywhere, that no one has thought about Kluje before.

The locally-based online contractor platform is the answer to homeowner’s problems. A task that used to take hours of vetting, tons of research, and weeks of headaches and heartaches is now made simpler, and even putting the power back into homeowner’s and property agent’s hands in just three easy steps:

1: Post ‘jobs to be done’ on the website for free.

2: Up to three quality contractors can bid for the job.

3: Select the best contractor based on their portfolio and ratings.


And to make the dream even sweeter, Kluje is also working towards making an app! This app will have all the features of the web-based version, but better. Leveraging on location services, ease of communications, camera, and portability of a native app, you can now settle home renovations on the go. Imagine looking for contractors on the MRT and getting quotes by lunchtime! The promise of this app is almost too good to be true.

It’s difficult to say if Kluje will take off this early in their venture, but it is not to say the need isn’t present. There are currently 1.15 million households in Singapore, and a projected number of 140 million more in the region by 2015. For now, local homeowners can just thank goodness someone is trying their best to help.


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