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Published 2014-07-14 12:30:49

For those watching the World Cup Finals early this morning, there was a tough battle on the field between Germany and Argentina, and Germany finally won by scoring the only goal at the 113th minute. However, unlike the rest of us who had to wait for the end of the game to know the World Cup champion; this Twitter account seemingly already knew who the victor was going to be way before the actual game.

Image Credit: Screenshot from FIFA Corruption Twitter page

Just looking at these Tweets from a Twitter account called FIFA Corruption, anyone would start to doubt the legitimacy of the FIFA World Cup.

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Fortunately, another Twitter user has shed some light on this matter.


Apparently, the FIFA Corruption account had actually tweeted every possible scenario ahead of time, for both Germany winning and Argentina winning. And then deleted the ones that were incorrect after knowing the actual World Cup results. Twitter user Suresh Nakhua managed to printscreen a screenshot of those tweets before they were deleted.

Image Credit: news.com.au

He wasn’t the only one who managed to capture this evidence. This other user took a screenshot as well.

Image Credit: SB Nation

Just goes to show that you REALLY have to be wary of what you read on social media and that some people will go to lengths to attempt to bring shame to others.

As this article is being written, the FIFA Corruption Twitter account has 39.8k followers. We hope that the followers are aware that the account is fake and unreliable.

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