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Remember retro games like minesweeper, tetris, or snake? Do you miss the simplicity of old school, traditional games? If you are someone with the taste for retro games, what we are about to introduce may just be the perfect accessory for you.

Tetris, a Soviet tile-matching puzzle game first released in 1984, is making a comeback – on your shirt. Marc Kerger, super fan and developer, invented an interactive T-shirt that allows people to play the game on their torso. Whoever said retro is dead?

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The DIY project first made its debut on YouTube, and it has since attracted the game’s fanbase’s attentions.

Kerger mentioned that his wearable creation is actually inspired by the Pumpktris, another tetris game embedded in a pumpkin. Commenting on his invention, he simply said, “I always wanted a playable T-shirt, well now I made one myself.” Talk about getting things done!

The front of the T-shirt features the playing field, where players can flip the “Tetrominoes”, or increase the game speed via the buttons on the shirt. The playing style might need a little geting used to for the first time user, as the players can only view the game from a top-down angle.

Image Credit - Makerflux
Image Credit – Makerflux

The set-up is also surprisingly straightforward too. The hardware comprises of only an Arduino Uno microcontroller and 128 LEDs, and powered by two AA batteries. Diehard fans might be a little disappointed to note that the game’s iconic music is not included. Perhaps they could supply the music themselves?enablejsapi=1&html5=1&

For those who want to run to shops and grab it right away, they might have to wait a bit; Kerger is still exploring further development, as well as the feasibility of marketing this shirt.

But don’t be too disappointed; you might be happy to know that the Tetris Company and Ubisoft are actually releasing a next-gen game, Tetris Ultimate, on consoles and PC this year. Hopefully this will sate your appetite for when the T-shirt is finally released to the public.

Image Credit - Ubisoft
Image Credit – Ubisoft

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