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Last week was a sad and depressing week for the whole world. Not only did we lose close to 300 innocent lives in MH17 incident, the worsened situation in Palestine over the weekend is also telling us there are more innocent lives in danger.

When the news of the MH17 disaster broke out last Thursday, many netizens have taken the matter into social media – with many experiencing shock, sympathy, anger and disbelief. Many have expressed their anger and are placing fault on the carrier – Malaysia Airlines. Many are questioning why Malaysia Airlines was still using Ukraine’s airspace despite knowing the area is in war.

Although it is still unknown whether the plane diverted from the original flight path, seeing as there are conflicting views on this matter. However, some have claimed that the route taken by flight MH17 is actually commonly used for Europe and Asia flights with the approval given by the International Civil Aviation Organisation. A spokesman for Malaysia Airlines said: “This route is an approved route. 15 out of 16 airlines use this route. It’s a safe route – most other countries use this route.”

Airlines avoiding the airspace over Ukraine after the MH17 crash (Image Credit: The Telegraph)

“Malaysia Airlines should shut down! You are solely responsible for killing 500+ innocent and precious lives,” Shaikh Adeel wrote.

Another netizen, Judy Holland accused the airlines for risking passengers’ lives despite warnings given. “Malaysia Airlines better NOT blame ground control. I’ll bet my life savings this airline knew the warnings,” she wrote.

While receiving negative comments from the nasty netizens, Malaysia Airlines have received huge support from others as well. In the Malaysia Airlines’s Facebook Page, many supporters are pouring in their words of encouragement.

MAS supporters
Some of these comments will bring tears to your eyes (Image Credit: Screen shot from Malaysian Airlines Facebook page)

Malaysia Airlines’ pilot, Ahmad Fariz Mokhtar took it to his Facebook to defend the airline. In his post, he clearly explained what do pilots have to do from taking off to landing, citing that every action will need approval from relevant authorities.

“Do you know that the routes that pilots use, from taxy lane, to runway for take off, to airways, are all directed by Air Traffic Controllers? Of course you do. Our office would file a flight plan, approved by local authority, then it is presented to us. We study the routes, concur with them, key in those routings into our flight computers, and off we go. ”

“So STOP imagining us pilots flying our airplanes like you driving your cars,” he added. His Facebook post, hoping the public will stop blaming the unlucky airlines, have received huge support from netizens, with more than 2,000 shares.

Image Credit: Letters of Love To Malaysia Airlines Facebook album by A Fly Guy’s Cabin Crew Lounge

Another Facebook user, John Dale wrote, “Please continue to support Malaysia Airlines. They were not at fault in any way for this incident; the aircraft was flying in an international air-corridor and in the past 2 days before the shooting down, 75 different airlines had used the same route. It is a very unfortunate coincidence that Malaysia Airlines suffered a second accident in such a short time”.

Another Facebook user from Canada, Louise Corcoran said, “If I flew to your destinations, I would fly your airline, you’ll need support now more than ever. This year has been unfortunate and could have happened to any airline”.

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When Malaysia Airlines announced that the company will be waiving all change fees for passengers who wish to change their flight itinerary, many frequent fliers choose to stick with their plan – to fly with Malaysia Airlines.

Sebastian Trudeau (@SebTrudeau) in reply to Malaysia Airlines’ Tweets, said, “@MAS thanks but no. still flying with you October and looking forward to it! #StayStrong”.

With all the positive comments and messages keep pouring in, Malaysia Airlines takes it to their Facebook Page to thank their supporters.


Malaysia Airline Boeing 777, Flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed in Eastern Ukraine, over the rebel-held area last Thursday, all 298 people on board died. It is believed that the plane was shot down by a BUK missile, a Russian SA-11 missile system.

While it is alright to be angry, is it fair to throw baseless accusations at this MAS? Will any air company risk their passengers’ lives just to save fuel? I personally think, no. If anyone thinks that Malaysia Airlines did in fact take that route just to save cost, then I would suggest that you stop travelling with airlines.

Image Credit: Straits Times

As shown by flightradar24.com, there were two other flights – a Singapore Airlines flight and Air India flight, located just 25km away. If the route is in fact dangerous, why would other air companies still take the same path? There is still much to ponder about this unfortunate incident and hopefully with the black boxes being returned to Malaysia, proper evidence and explanations can be obtained.

Again, we at Vulcan Post would like to express our deepest sympathies and condolences to those affected and we hope that this will only lead to unity and strength.

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