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Previously we wrote about Singapore startup Novelsys‘ first product Kickstarter, and how it held the recipe for success even before it lauched.

Since the launch of its Kickstarter page last night, it has managed to raise their funding goal of $60,000 – within 24 hours. Their super early birds, that offered their flagship product, Ampere, at a great price of $69 with only 100 spots available, was sold out within 2 hours.

Image Credit: Novelsys

“We are really overwhelmed and surprised at how fast the community showed support for our product, and pushed us to hit our funding goal. This is amazing,” says Mark Keong, Novelsys Chief of Operations and product development.

Ampere kickstarter

Their live launch event, which was held yesterday night, had a great turnout, with 200 people turning up for the event as well as the Q&A session held in conjunction with the launch. They also raised $5,200 from this group of early supporters for pre-orders at the event itself.

Priced at $79, the wireless charging phone sleeve has garnered much attention from the beginning of Novelsys’ journey. Paired with the Ampere app that not only allows your phone to tracks your battery life and automatically begins charging at your stipulated limit, it also helps you track the location of ampere, and vice versa. Since the release of its final prototype, Novelsys has also added a variety of colours, from midnight black to blushberry to brogue.

novelsys novelsys

With 28 days remaining for the Kickstarter to run, this is just the start of Novelsys’ journey. When asked what will be done with the additional funds gathered, 22 year old CEO of Novelsys Kenneth Lou said that it will be channeled into product certification, as well as improving the sleeve design.

“For the campaign, we have an internal goal of USD200,000 so that will be a good step for us and a good direction for our product moving ahead. And we have also prepped the manufacturing line to be ready for that quantity of Ampere ~1500 to 2000 Amperes.”

Lou also revealed that they had already hoped to reach their goal within the first day, so the news serves to show that they are right on track. You have to dream big to go big, I guess.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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