The advertisement by National Council On Problem Gambling will not stop being funny.

The original advertisement which featured a bunch of teenagers and preteens discussing which team they were supporting for the World Cup 2014 carried a serious message. One of the boys said he has to support Germany as his father has bet their entire life savings on it. This highlighted how not only gamblers were affected by their habit, but also their families. It was a well-thought-out, serious and rather specific public announcement.

However, it became hilarious when Germany massacred Brazil in the semis and went ahead to win the World Cup.

It took a few days  for the ad to reach the United States where HBO’s ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’. If only the Public Message was not so specific.

Enjoy the video below. Trust me, you WILL laugh.

On a side note, John Oliver is a very funny man who presents news in the best way possible, straight to the point, well researched and with rib tickling humour.

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