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Published 2014-07-28 16:51:56

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An industry that is often seen in negative light is the debt collection industry. The broadcast media, especially movies, drama series and the print industry, certainly do not help in projecting a positive image for this industry.

However in reality, things might not be similar to what it appears to be.

With a decade in the debt recovery business, Singapore-based JMS Rogers is in the industry to give debt recovery a new face. A formally certified field specialist, JMS Rogers has been helping clients recover debts to the tune of $30 million. To date, clients that have been helped by JMS Rogers come from a diverse range of trade such as advertising, banking, marine industry, SMEs, and even individuals.


“Our legal debt enforcement officers are well-trained and they adhere to a set of internal framework and standards. Our specialist are uniformed and during an operation, a banner is clearly placed to ensure optimal effectiveness and a cord high operational attuneness.”

– Roger, CEO and Founder, JMS Rogers.

While some might be skeptical about debt collection companies like JMS Rogers, they would be proven wrong by JMS Rogers’s loyal client base that continue to seek their service whenever they need help. JMS Rogers has become a very noticeable icon in the debt collection industry, appearing frequently in the mainstream media such as Lianhe Wanbao(Singapore), ABC News(Australia), Channel 8(Singapore), and Cable News Network(CNN).

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Media Feature
Media Feature

Ever since the two integrated resorts have been established  in Singapore, various social problems have surfaced, notably gambling dependency. Due to this, there are unfortunate individuals who fall into unwarranted debts, resulting in reliance on loan-sharks.

Furthermore, JMS Rogers is also working on a business concept to help victims who are affected by these loan-sharks. Essentially, JMS Rogers’s team of professionals will also be able to advise clients on how they can deal with some externed and unregulated debt collectors who may inadvertently be operating on the wrong side of the law.

Regional affiliates of JMS Rogers

Regional affiliates of JMS Rogers


Promising to ‘recover a broken promise’, JMS Rogers strive to provide the best service at the best value for their clients and fulfill their needs and requirements.

For those interested to find out more about what JMS Rogers can offer, you can visit the newly revamped website at juris.sg.

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