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If you never knew that the Singapore Government had a Twitter account, you would now — and for all the wrong reasons.

Twitter account @govsingapore, originally set up to communicate messages and policy announcements to Singapore citizens, made a big mistake when they attempted to use Singlish in a tweet.

government twitter singapore

No. Just… no.

What probably started as an attempt to ‘speak the people’s language’ has only served to make the rift between the Singapore government and its people even wider. In fact, it seems a little like an offensive joke, like Singaporeans need to be spoken down to in order to understand important speak.

It’s obvious, then, that Singaporeans weren’t too happy about this.

Reaction to GovSingapore Reaction to GovSingapore Reaction to GovSingapore

Reaction to GovSingapore

Reaction to GovSingapore

To make matters worse, the tweet was also promoted by the Twitter account, making it certain that they wanted everyone to see it. It was then shared over 60 times, though it’s uncertain how many, out of the 60, were shared by people who actually clicked on the link.

At least it seems like the only tweet of its kind, which eases our poor social media nerves. It makes this person’s claim more believable, and for the sake of everyone’s minds, let’s hope this is the real reason behind that tweet:

Reaction to GovSingapore

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