Azhar Aziz  |  Singapore
Published 2014-08-05 11:30:02

Whenever you are lost for words on your mobile device or are looking for a no-frills way to cheer someone up online, there is always a trick you can turn to: the emoticons! Nonetheless, even the emoticon is not spared from the customisation revolution that has since saw the emergence of personalised mobile chargers and more.

Enter Imoji, a revolutionary new application that instantly turns your favourite celebrities, friends, politicians (or practically anything) into an emoji. Developed by Builds LLC, the app’s first version was launched on June 10 this year.

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Imoji has received an overall 4-star rating out of the 168 votes received as of launch. It is completely free and is currently available on the iPhone only. In an official Facebook comment, the team did hinted on its plans to develop Imoji for Android very soon.

To create your very own custom-made emoji, simply follow the steps below:

1. Upload your chosen image and crop it using the circular guidelines. As far as possible, avoid cropping off the hair.


2. Once the cropping is done, you may now trim the sides of the image. This will allow you to create a much cleaner look for your customised emoticons.


3. You can easily save the final edits into a new card. You can either save it as a private or public emoji.


4. Press and hold on one of the emojis. A chat icon will pop up; drag your emoji onto it and you will be redirected to your iMessage application.


5. Your personalised emoji is now ready to be sent!


6. You can create a card full of emojis. Your emojis will be saved and available as and when you need them!


Writer’s verdict: Using this app is actually quite addictive! The possibilities are pretty much endless and you can try making as many emojis that you wish. I’m not too sure how long the ‘imoji fever’ will be stuck with me but this is a good and fun way to spice up my conversations for now.

That said,  I wish the emoticons can be integrated to more third-party messaging apps other than iMessage, such as WhatsApp or Line. Also, the process of trimming down can be more automated or intuitive. Perhaps, it needs a bigger brush trimmer option to allow us to save time. Overall, I give this app 3.5 out of 5 stars!

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