From Language To Diploma Classes, Learning Courses Has Everything You’re Looking For

Further education is no longer a novelty. Where do you think this quote comes from?

We may come from different walks of life, but we ultimately have the same goal: to be on the right path to a better future. And usually, a good education can help us get there. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that lifelong learning is an investment in ourselves. Suffice to say, education matters and empowers people.

But what happens when you have trouble finding a study programme? A Google search can only get you this far. Here’s where it gets really good. Learning Courses, the biggest directory in Singapore, is crammed with a diverse range of courses for students and lifelong learners to get a head start in their future endeavours.

Spoilt For Choice

Image credit: Learning Courses

Arts. Diploma. Coffee. This site has got everything covered. Is anyone surprised by the golf lessons? I know I am. I spent a huge chunk of time perusing the contents and found out that there’re also a couple of skateboarding classes. Any Sk8 fan will sign up for it.

I also managed to find a hands-on pineapple tarts workshop — considering Chinese New Year is approaching soon, this is spot-on. This rad directory’s got the usability aspect down. It has my preferences accounted for and leaves me spoilt for choice.

With the rising popularity of MOOCs such as Coursera and Khan Academy, it’s exciting to see how it harmonise with online course directories. Just recently, it was announced that Lynda, an online education company based in California, has received a whooping sum of $186 million “to go shopping for education technology companies.”

Has education actually become cool again?

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Image credit: Learning Courses

You bet it has.

Judging by the recent hacks Sony has faced, it’s no thunderbolt that computer science courses are climbing the charts again. Remember this clever tweet by Aaron Levie? Multilingualism is also proving to be a resume-worthy skill; here are several language courses for you to explore.

Some of the classes that knock my socks off include: Manners and Etiquette, 3D Printing, Phone Photography and Modelling.

Image credit: Learning Courses

Most of the courses are offered at a pocket-friendly price (excluding Diploma). That said, the browsing experience would be even more pleasant if a list of financial aid programmes is provided. As a person who’s living under a very tight budget, I find this a very important factor.

Any computer-savvy user will have no headache browsing the Learning Courses. Every lesson is organised by category; it’s straightforward and uncomplicated. It’d be silly to not leverage this system. Of course with the variety of courses offered and because the courses are offered not by one main learning academy, one might be a bit suspicious about the authenticity of the course. However, seeing as there are ways to contact the educator directly before signing up for a course, you can call or visit them to make sure that they are a right fit for you.

Keen on making the next big step in furthering your education? Mouse-over here to find out more.

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