Say hello to the new CEO of social dating app MeetDrinks, Natacha Noel! If you don’t already know, MeetDrinks is a Singapore-based dating application that helps bring people together by setting them up for a simple date. Available on iOS and Android, the app matches compatible urbanites in the same area to meet for drinks.

And now, the company has hired Natacha Noel, a certified matchmaker (yes, you can be a certified matchmaker!) and accomplished entrepreneur as their new CEO. Noel is also the founder of Absolute Bachelor Club — a matchmaking agency that helps A-listers, professionals, and public figures meet their significant other — and is set to bring her years of experience in relationship consulting and expertise to the booming dating world.

Noel, who has rubbed shoulders with A-listers such as Al Pacino (The Godfather!) and Sylvester Stallone, recently paid a visit to Sunny Singapore as part of her tour in Asia, to give her take on online dating and some tips on how to do it in a safe manner.

Image Credit: Natacha Noel
Image Credit: Natacha Noel

Even after a 20 hour long flight from San Francisco, the gorgeous entrepreneur still agreed to participate in the Singles Laser Tag event that was organized by L’Armour Singles Community. It took place last Saturday at Toa Payoh Town Park.

Clad in her best laser tag outfit, Natacha definitely looked the part as she gave a short speech to the group of singles who were taking part in the event. It was the very first laser tag event organized by L’Armour, a singles community which can be found on the social networking portal, MeetUp.

Image Credit: Insyirah Yahya
Image Credit: Insyirah Yahya

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As more and more online dating applications take the world by storm, we asked the new CEO of MeetDrinks what she thought about the new app, as well as the future of online dating.

“A human touch to the online application,” said Noel.

“The essence of MeetDrinks is that people go on face-to-face dates. Unfortunately when you’re online dating and on different online applications, you’re stuck behind the computer and you never meet the person or people disappear because they’ve got so many interactions with other people.”

Yay! I have a date!

The application has already been launched in Singapore and China, and is set to launch in Canada some time soon. It has a pretty user-friendly interface, and utilises an algorithm to matchmake its users and eventually set up real-life face-to-face dates. This means that users can finally look forward to their dates, rather than fumbling and worrying about how to continue the conversation after the very first “Hi”.

Noel elaborates, “MeetDrinks does the exact same thing I do as a matchmaker with my clients. I send them out for a cocktail.”

Image Credit: MeetDrinks
Image Credit: MeetDrinks

Using MeetDrinks also helps to remove all the chattering, cheesy one-liners, and demeaning messages that you may get from online dating; instead, it swoops right in and keeps it simple.

“With MeetDrinks, we are taking all of that away. We are targeting professionals, students but really, those who want to be in that relationship. Who really want to meet and develop something. And so, they are going to have to invest in buying someone a drink,” said the new CEO.

Female empowerment in the works?

Although it may seem as though MeetDrinks is taking the old school route, its CEO makes it clear that it doesn’t always have to be the guys who make the first move. Ladies, you too can buy the first drink.

Noel explains, “In 2015, it is perfectly okay for a woman to take care of her relationship goals and to let a man know that she would like for him to get to know her. From there, the traditional roles will switch.”

MeetDrinks is also doing its part to keep their female users safe: users can choose to meet up with their dates at restaurants that have partnered with the app. This ensures that they won’t have to meet strangers in seedy areas, at least during the duration of the date.

Setting up your own profile

I must say, putting yourself out there is never easy, and even setting up your profile might pose a bit of a challenge. To help you out, Natacha is giving you, our readers, some tips on how to set up your very own online profile.

Natacha encourages users to use a minimum of 3 photos: a photo displaying your active side, a full length picture (remember to be dressed in a presentable and form-fitting outfit), and finally, a nice headshot.

Image Credit: MeetDrinks
Image Credit: MeetDrinks

“Stay away from photos with groups, no photos with your kids as that creates confusion with other people. Stay away from pictures that say too much about your life.”

A little mystery always goes a long way.

All hands on deck!

To make the experience even better, users can ask Natacha questions or simply get advice when they come across dating dilemmas.

“They can always ask me and get answers directly from the CEO Matchmaker and I can help solve problems,” said the enthusiastic matchmaker.

Image Credit: Insyirah Yahya
Image Credit: Insyirah Yahya

Looks like it’s going to be all hands on deck over at the offices of MeetDrinks! This new CEO is definitely not one to sit behind a desk all day.

As more dating apps enter the market, we can be sure that MeetDrinks is one to keep an eye out for. After all, it matches you with someone and all you have to do is get a drink with them. No wasting time on the wrong person, ’cause we all know how short life is.

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