Not quite sure if the logo designer forgot about that detail, or they just got tired of capitalising 'G' in the middle of the word.

Amy  |  Singapore
Published 2015-01-29 12:00:01

Did you know that DiGi has a new logo? It has been around for a week and is actually really easy to miss, so don’t feel bad if you haven’t noticed it. DiGi is, unsurprisingly, still keeping its trademark bright yellow and the words ‘digi’ on the brand new logo. However, that’s where the similarities end.

The words ‘digi’ is now black instead of blue and the shape of the logo is replaced with a square with rounded corners. The most glaring difference between the old and new logo, however, is the little-explained Telenor Group logo floating unassumingly at the upper right side of ‘digi’. Telenor Group is one of the world’s largest mobile telecommunications companies and holds a 49% stake in DiGi Telecommunications, so it’s not surprising to see it being included in the logo.

digi's new logo

Personally, I’m a fan of the new logo, though the lack of capitalizating in ‘digi’ looks a bit weird considering how it refers to itself as ‘DiGi’. Not quite sure if the logo designer forgot about that detail, or they just got tired of capitalising ‘G’ in the middle of the word.

That’s not all, though. DiGi Telecommunications Sdn. Bhd. held an event in January 22, 2015 to announce the new logo along with a “Let’s Inspire” campaign.

Image Credit: Digi.com.my
Image Credit: Digi.com.my

According to Techattack.my, the Chief Marketing Officer said, “The refreshed DiGi brand expresses the internet-inspired life we will enable for our customers. Our aim is to be an integral source of inspiration for customers, enabling a platform for them to connect to a melting pot of enriching content that encourages them to inspire others, and be inspired themselves.”

“We will bring together fun and uplifting internet content to constantly deliver inspiring moments and experiences to our customers on the move. The entire company has been reengineered to deliver on this promise to customers. The timely brand refresh is in tandem with our strategic focus to continue bringing Internet For All, and comes on the back of extensive modernization of our network, IT and go-to-market structures. We have been accelerating adoption and driving consumption of the internet among more Malaysians nationwide, and this mirrors the steady growth in our mobile internet customers year-on-year. We will continue to do this while taking a deeper customer-focused approach and commitment to service excellence.”

Image Credit: techattack.my
Image Credit: techattack.my

DiGi introduced four promises alongside this campaign, namely:

  • DiGiLive: To be at the forefront of bringing the latest and most inspiring entertainment content (video, music and games), and differentiated product bundles with the latest digital service innovation from strategic global partnerships
  • DiGi Value: Always offering better value for money for voice and internet plans, and enabling affordable mobile internet access at a wide range of price points
  • DiGi Easy: Promise of consistent and seamless customer experience, and best self-serve channels through our widest network of service touchpoints. All calls to our customer service careline are free.
  • Best for Internet: Fastest growing data network, guaranteeing most consistent internet experience and best social media engagement and content platform.
Image Credit: Digi.com.my
Image Credit: Digi.com.my

DiGi’s website has a series of videos of inspirational videos that relates to their “Let’s Inspire” campaign. If you’re keen on joining in the conversation, have a look at the site. Similarly, you can join in their campaign using the hashtag #digiLetsInspire.

As a DiGi user myself, I’m excited to see better coverage for DiGi and faster internet speed. Beyond that, this update doesn’t seem to have much impact on me as a long-time user personally. However, I will definitely be following the yellow man to keep an eye out for anything else DiGi has to bring for 2015!

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