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If there’s someone you’ve been seeing, and you’re wondering how to take a step forward to give your relationship a name, there’s no better time to end the anticipation and declare your love than on Valentine’s Day.

Get creative and give your partner a sweet, lasting moment that both of you will remember for a long time. It is more sincere and memorable than simply confessing to your partner via an “I love you” text, and NO: we do not ever encourage any one to confess over text. That’s the most convenient and also unromantic way to initiate a relationship.

1. Say it with music

Dedicate a list of all the romantic songs, send them a playlist via YouTube or Spotify, or burn them into a CD (if anyone still does that!). Pay attention to the lyrics and pick songs that have relevance to both of you; some songs may have upbeat melodies but actually have heartbreaking lyrics! If you are feeling creative, you may even try to compose your own song.

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2. Sweet treat

This suggestion requires a bit of confidence and guts! Take out a small bag of Hershey’s Kisses as though it’s something you’ve bought casually. As they say “thank you” and reach out to take the bag, stop them and say “Hold up… I’ve got one more” and kiss them on the cheek.

3. Spill it out

Catch them by surprise and say it out of the blue when they least expect it. Say it while you’re both waiting in line in a queue. Or while browsing through items in a store. There’s no need to wait for the perfect moment to do so — it sounds cuter when it comes out as though it was unintended, or as part of a conversation where you were just expressing the first thought that came to mind.

4. A surprise find

Get them a small gift and slip it into a compartment in their bags, pocket, at their workplace, or outside their house. Either way, it’ll bring a smile to their faces. Remember to attach a sweet love note for them to read and go “awwww”. While you may think of typing it out to compensate for your illegible handwriting, handwritten letters are more highly treasured as they come with a personal touch.

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5. Get cookin’!

Is it really true that the way to a someone’s heart is through their stomach? Because being able to cook up a good meal is definitely an attractive trait in a partner. If you are new to cooking, follow simple recipes online. Find creative ways to decorate your food with heart shapes.

6. Drop a public surprise

Put up a sign along a path you’ll be crossing on your date. Get some help so you don’t have to do it yourself. Ask the Starbucks barista to help include a “secret message” below their names. Ask a child to pass them a confession card when you pretend to excuse yourself to the bathroom. Make plans to visit the pub and request the band to play a song you have dedicated, along with your confession message.

7. Spontaneous grab

Pray for extreme weather. When it gets too sunny or rainy, whip out your umbrella and grab the opportunity to stand really close to each other. At the cinema, when it gets too cold and they haven’t brought a jacket, grab their hands tightly to keep warm and not let go.

8. Record a message on their phone

It’s recommended that you prepare a script beforehand, or risk sounding incoherent and silly if you do it impromptu. Record it while they are away, and at the end of the day, get them to check their phones. If it’s hard to ‘steal’ their phone for a while, sending them a voicemail works too.

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9. Traditional, but never old

Take a stroll at a park after dinner. In the moonlight, gift her with a rose. It’s not too dramatic or extravagant, and this genuine, gentlemanly gesture never gets old! The gesture will also make for a nice memory as it expresses your sincerity and devotion.

So there you have it! We hope that these tips will give you some ideas that will delight your partner-to-be, without coming on as overly inappropriate or freaky. Don’t hide your feelings any longer: pluck up your courage and go ahead. There’s no magic formula or perfect proposal; the key is to JUST DO IT and hope for the best.

If they say no to your confession, just know that there is always another chance that you will find someone that you will love and they will love you back! And if your proposal is successful, it would be nice to start the relationship with a nice picture to freeze that precious moment so you both will still feel those warm fuzzy feelings when you revisit the memories.

Amelia is the CEO and founder of LoveByte, a mobile app that lets couples record their happy memories to form meaningful love journals containing favourite photos, notes and dates. LoveByte is available for iOS and Android here.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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