YouTube's new feature is interesting but will it last?

Charlene  |  Singapore
Published 2015-02-06 10:06:01

It’s silly, and inexplicable, but we’ve all done it: craned our necks while watching videos, hoping to get a better view of whatever’s in the background.

And YouTube might just have the solution to this age-old problem. Earlier this week, the video-sharing site introduced a feature called Choose Your View, which essentially lets viewers select the angle from which they would like to watch a video.

Videos that have this feature work like all other YouTube videos we are familiar with — except that on the right hand side of these videos, alternative viewing angles are available for selection. Users can then toggle amongst the various angles until they find one they like.

According to TechCrunch, only one video with this feature is currently available, and it’s this one.

4 different angles, captured at the same moment (Image Credit: fastcompany.net)
4 different angles, captured at the same moment (Image Credit: fastcompany.net)

The feature is an interesting one, and toggling between the various angles is simple and straightforward. There tends to be a slight pause when you change views, though, like that blip that happens when videos take a bit too long to load.

I could definitely see this feature being a pretty cool addition, especially when I’m watching things like concerts or sports events. But other than that, I’m wondering if the feature will get much air time (pun intended) — I’m assuming that broadcasters will have to bring in more filming equipment and crew just to shoot the same thing from different angles.

And after all, do I really need to watch Ellen Degeneres interview someone from four different angles?

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