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Published 2015-02-10 13:00:11

If you are a fan of trivia, Trivia Crack might just be the perfect app for you. It’s a mobile app game that tests your knowledge, and at the same time, allows you to challenge your friends and show off your smarts!

According to Argentinian developer Etermax and industry-tracking firm App Annie, Trivia Crack is also the most downloaded mobile app at the moment.

Image Credit: Etermax Facebook
Image Credit: Etermax Facebook

Trivia Crack was launched in late 2013. Boasting 800,000 daily downloads, the game is widely played in the US, with about 100 million downloads. The game has also managed to rank first on the download chart in countries like Canada.

Recently, Trivia Crack was released in the UK, and it was reported that more than 500,000 Brits have downloaded the game.

What Is Trivia Crack About?

Trivia Crack is basically a collection of quizzes where players chose their questions by spinning a colourful wheel. There are various categories of questions players can choose from, such as art, entertainment, history, geography and science. The goal of the game is to win in all six categories before your opponent is able to do so.

Image Credit: Etermax

Currently, Trivia Crack is available on iOS and Android. Players can choose to sign in with their Facebook accounts, or log on to the game by signing up with their email addresses. Once that’s done, you’ll have the option of choosing your game language, game mode and opponent.

Image Credit: rohithkblog
Image Credit: rohithkblog

Out of curiosity, I decided to download the game to give it a try.

Since the game is still fairly new in South East Asia, I had to compete with random players, rather than with friends on Facebook (only one of my friends knew about Trivia Crack at the time).

What I noticed at first was that there were a ton of new questions relating to topics like Prince George, One Direction, and Cheryl Cole. I then realised that this was due to the fact that the game had just been released in the UK. This means that if you’re a bit of an Anglophile, Trivia Crack will be just the thing you need to test your knowledge about all things British.

Apart from that, I found Trivia Crack to be fresh and entertaining. It is often difficult to find games that are fun and teach you something new at the same time, and Trivia Crack fills that gap.

The game also comes with a system called Question Factory, where players can create their own questions and rate existing questions, or translate other peoples’ questions. This helps generate a never-ending flow of questions for every player, solving the age old problem of trivia game apps, where you often run out of new questions to answer. To date, the game has already collected over 200,000 unique questions.

Here are some examples of the questions from each category:

Art — What name did van Gogh use to sign his paintings?

Entertainment — In ”Family Guy”, what is Stewie Griffin’s middle name?

History — What were the names given to the atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Geography — What city is known as “the Paris of South America”?

Science — What pigment is produced by haemoglobin after red blood cells are destroyed?

Image Credit: toucharcade
Image Credit: toucharcade

Final Verdict

Trivia Crack is, in many ways, similar to “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire”. Instead of real money, of course, players receive game coins that they can use to get in-game rewards.

The game is definitely addictive, and is not unlike popular games such as Candy Crush or Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. But instead of playing any of those games, I urge you to download Trivia Crack — you’ll at least get to learn something new while you’re procrastinating.

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