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Think twice before chucking that hand-me-down shirt of yours, especially if there’s a huge logo on it. For some people, this sort of apparels can be a pain in the butt – it’s too noticeable, especially if it garners unwanted associations and attention.

Enter Logo Removal Service, a company that specialises in removing logos from shirts and revamps them into something a little bit different. Hang on, scratch that. Believe it or not, L.R.S doesn’t work with just logos and clothes. The team is also trained in removing stains and any unwanted embellishment. Whether it’s T-shirts, magazines, posters, eye glasses, umbrellas, tote bags or even automobiles, they’ve got the right stuff.

Logo Removal Service's end products Image credit: Paste Magazine
Logo Removal Service’s end products (Image credit: Paste Magazine)

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Unlike most companies, L.R.S does not get rid of the logos once they’ve been removed. Instead, they choose to keep them in a well-guarded cabinet. The company strongly believes that it is crucial to save them and keep them out of public view. According to the L.R.S company website: “Our peculiar shapes, which are not words, icons or recognizable images, behave differently than logos do: They invite questions, curiosity and, just maybe, uncertainty.”

Plus, did you know that every end product is one-of-a-kind? As mentioned in its tagline, there are never any repeats! How’s that for recycling?

Image credit: Logo Removal Service
Image Credit: Logo Removal Service

Since the L.R.S is still in its infancy stage, the team is working on its rates. Most of them items are organic and 100% cotton, and the prices typically range from $25 to $45 per item, which includes up to three removals plus replacement materials.

It’s too bad L.R.S isn’t based in Singapore, because apparently, the company perform the logo removal live and in person. This may seem contradictory to the Singaporean preference to branded goods and blatant display of the logos of high-end brands, but loyal customers find this practice odd and strangely refreshing.

Miriam Dym, the founder of L.R.S described it as a quiet and low-key affair. “Our performance is more closely related to conceptual art than to entertainment,” she shared. “When we do L.R.S. live, it’s mostly to give people an opportunity to have a logo removed while they wait and also to make our labour very visible.”

Image credit: Logo Removal Service
Image Credit: Logo Removal Service

When asked what was the most interesting item the company has done, Dym chose the Oakland Museum of Art in 2013. “They let me remove the show’s logo from the museum wall when it was all over. That was fun!” she responded.

Dym also revealed the business’s toughest challenge has little to do with removing logos. She explained the complication and the bigger picture of working with an object that someone else has already made: “The best we can do, when we remove tags and labels, is note where the original manufacturing took place. The conditions and pay of the workers remains unknown.”

“Chances are pretty high that the people sewing a t-shirt was paid less than a fantasy wage for the work they did, at best some kind of barely-living wage. At L.R.S., we make our labour visible, it’s part of our mandate.” says Dym.

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