Carama is a website that helps locate trustworthy car workshops, to make sure your vehicles land in safe hands.

Mun Yoke  |  Singapore
Published 2014-08-22 11:30:46

Calling all car owners! We have a website that finds you trusted car workshop within your radius! Previously, we have had apps for booking taxis and even vans which provide moving services, but never one that enables you to find a car workshop. As a car driver, I feel you!

Image Credit: autoworld
Image Credit: autoworld.com.my

The pain just does not stop there, even if you manage to search for a car workshop, you will constantly be haunted by the thought of whether the quality, service, and especially pricing is decent or not.  It is near to impossible to find a car workshop that offers car repair services at a fair and affordable rate. The rate and quality varies among them. So who do you choose?

Image Credit: paultan.org
Image Credit: paultan.org

Carama by Castrol

Carama is Malaysia’s first online service for trusted car care with an extensive network of certified and listed car workshops in Klang Valley, Malaysia.

Basically, Carama finds you a trusted car workshop that is located near you. Carama is committed to helping car owners find a trustworthy workshop and providing confidence by removing uncertainty regarding maintenance costs, price and quality of repair. Certified workshops in Carama undergo a rigorous accreditation process and provides customers with assurance and transparency in terms of quality of workmanship, skills and equipment.

Image Credit: paultan.org
Image Credit: paultan.org

Service Price Calculator

There is a feature in Carama that allow users to calculate the price for car service and repair depending on the car make and model. This is extremely convenient for people who value and planning their expenditures carefully. Besides that, Carama offers RM20 off your first service when you sign up with them.

When you book a service at Carama, you are assured with a 3 month/5,000km warranty, fair price assurance and free drop-off service within 5 km radius from the workshop. In addition to adding confidence to user, there is a rating and review section by previous customers that you can browse through.

Carama Certified Shops

Image Credit: growthmark
Image Credit: growthmark

Carama was launched around August 2013. This easy-to-use program kicked off in Klang Valley with subsequent expansion throughout Malaysia.

Certified workshops are assessed on customer service and facilities, technical abilities and equipment, transparency in parts, pricing, service, environment and safety. These workshops must have operating licenses and insurance documents in place.

In general, the assessment is kept unbiased by Carama panel of experts and crowd-sourced reviews for each workshop based on real experience. Plus, certified workshops are reassessed annually in providing the best quality workshop experience to car owners.

However, Carama has yet to cater for motorbikes. Nevertheless, owners with any type of vehicles can still check out the website as workshops normally cater to all vehicle type. With Carama, you do not have to break an arm or a leg in getting your car to be repaired or serviced. Carama simply solves all your car issues and you do not have to worry about being cheated by anonymous mechanics again. I personally think that Carama is especially great when you have an emergency car situation too!

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