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Published 2013-11-13 09:00:25

With the year closing, it also marks the finals of schools and universities.

For the students of the National University of Singapore, you would be familiar with the popular NUS Confession Facebook page. The page allows anyone to anonymously submit any confessions they might have. Since then, several other similar sites from other Singapore universities have mushroomed.

nus confessions

Here’s some of the best NUS Confessions we have selected from the Facebook page.

If you need a quick 10 minutes good break from your revision, this might be a good form of distraction.

Turning software to hardware

confession 7

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Of exchange life and hidden fear for the future

confessions 1

“Never mind lah no job be teacher loh”

confessions 2

Of International love

confession 5

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Guys tend to say one thing and practise another?

confessions 3

Gotta love the responses too:

response 3

“I Heart KR” shirted guy left a good impression of Singaporean to exchange student

confession 4

Leaving your eraser dust on the table after studying is like leaving the toilet un-flushed after shitting.

confession 6

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And of course, how can NUS confessions leave out the recent Messiah episode which took the internet by storm?

confession 8

For more of these, you can head over to their Facebook page, or head back to your books!

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