Viber's game extension is like our favourite Facebook games, but without the annoying notifications.

Liang Hwei  |  Singapore
Published 2015-02-27 10:03:35

Viber Games, the game extension that Viber introduced late last year, has been launched worldwide. As we reported, it was first launched in 5 countries late last year, including Singapore and Malaysia. Since then, it has gained good traction, and Viber has seen fit to release it worldwide.

Viber Games is a series of games that features Viber’s recognizable and loved characters, and links intrinsically to Viber’s communication system.
Game On

The launch features three games: Viber Candy Mania, Viber Pop, as well as Wild Luck Casino, which can be downloaded from the Google Play or iTunes App Store.

The unique thing about these games is that it makes use of Viber’s communication system to allow users to sign in with their Viber ID, connect with their friends and contacts on Viber, and send them gifts and brag about their achievements. You will also be able to compare your scores with that of your contacts, making it resemble the mechanisms behind your favourite Facebook games.

Viber Pop in Hands Lores

For Viber users, this is a great addition to the many features already available to them. Although I was initially concerned that the apps have to be downloaded separately, it does makes sense not to clutter Viber’s clean interface.

But if you don’t use Viber, it stays the fun mobile game it has always been, though the use of Viber would definitely enhance it. Candy Mania, for example, highly resembles Candy Crush, but without the annoying Facebook notifications.

According to Viber, we should expect more similar games to come, which are definitely welcome. Hiroshi Mikitani, CEO and Chairman of Rakuten, the company that acquired Viber last year, said to the Wall Street Journal, that “Viber has tremendous potential as a gaming platform”.

Time to look out for that purple corner in the app icon.

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