Can't take the perfect selfie? Using the power of the Samsung Galaxy Watch, you can now take amazing selfies on your Samsung phone with this new app.

Sarah Oh  |  Singapore
Published 2014-08-28 16:00:06

Thin, light, and easy to carry around, smart phones are overtaking compact cameras when it comes to taking photos on the move. All you need is a smart phone with a built-in camera that lets you point, shoot and share.

Of all the fads that have caught up with the invention of camera phones, selfies are the biggest. A new religion has emerged, whether you see selfies as the representation of narcissism, a new profile picture or showing off a scenic background (with your face in it).

But, there’s always a pet peeve that annoys selfie users: maybe your face get chopped off from the frame if your arms aren’t long enough, or your long arms appear in your photo as if there’s no one there to take a picture for you (which is unfortunate). You could use self-timer apps, but you would look silly freezing in that particular moment for 10 seconds or longer? There will be the selfie sticks, or monopods that act as extended arms, but do you really want to carry those around all day?

They even have a TV show called 'Selfie'! (Image Credit: Clearchannel.com)
They even have a TV show called ‘Selfie’! (Image Credit: Clearchannel.com)

The question is, how far would you go for the perfect selfie?

To minimise your double chins and awkward arms, Gear2Cam has the solution that will probably meets your needs. According to Varun Chatterji, founder of Gear2Cam, he discovered two problems of taking selfies: firstly, you need to be close to the camera, to see what’s in the frame. Secondly, you’ll need to go through a lot of trials and errors with a timer to know who’s in the frame and who’s not. Gear2Cam was invented for this very purpose.

Image Credit: Gear2Cam website
Image Credit: Gear2Cam website

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How Does Gear2Cam Work?

Gear2Cam is an Android app that connects your Android phone and Samsung Gear 2 smart watch. You would need to mount your smart phone on a tripod, use the smart watch as the viewfinder and take a snapshot simply by tapping on the watch. Wow, so much effort for taking the perfect selfie eh?

Now, this might seem like a simple idea, but there are a few issues to be raised here: The app is exclusively available for Android phone users, and it’s only compatible with the Samsung Gear 2 smart watch. It has been unknown whether this app will be available on iOS. I’m also feeling less enthusiastic about mounting my phone on a tripod, and using my smart watch to frame and capture a selfie.

My personal take on this app: it is not efficient and it’s time-consuming.

Surprisingly, Gear2Cam has a strong following of 10,000 users since its launch in June. The team also finished first in Samsung’s challenge at the Startup Asia Singapore 2014 hackathon, and more recently made it to the finals of Samsung Gear App Challenge. If you’re an Android and Samsung Gear 2 smart watch user, you might like this app.

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